Every household, at some point, will require the services of a plumber. Home plumbing systems require professional installation, regular maintenance, and urgent repairs when there are faulty systems.


While it’s easy to address minor problems, it’s a brilliant idea if you opt for the services of an expert. Like the major problem, minor repairs can still cause significant harm to your property. Therefore, look for a plumber to help you with all forms of repairs in your home.


There are a wide array of plumbing problems that can affect your home. They typically range from slow leakages to blockage and even complete shutdown of the water line. In the next section, we will explore the commonest plumbing problems that we face in our homes and always need the urgent hand-work of a reputable plumber Ottawa.


Are you ready? Let’s get into it:


Plumbing Problem # 1: Dripping Faucets

  • Main Causes: Loose O ring, worn out washer, or corrosion of valve seat

Faulty facets are one of the biggest plumbing problems affecting most households. Unfortunately, most people tend to ignore it. It wastes water and increases water bills. If you have a dripping faucet in your home, please treat it like an emergency to avoid harming your structure. Call the nearest plumber to help you in addressing the problem.


Plumbing Problem # 2: Running Toilets

  • Main cause: broken flush valve

When there is a lot of water running in your toilet, the result is increased monthly water bills. The main cause of the running toilet is the malfunctioning of the regulatory flap at the bottom of the tank.

A faulty flap makes the toilet not stop the water supply completely. In addition, remember that other problems can cause running toilets. Therefore, in that case, you will always require the services of a professional plumber.


Plumbing Problem # 3: Low Water Pressure

  • Main cause: Blockage due to debris like sand, dirt, grease, food particles, sand, or foreign objects.

The issue of low water pressure is common in old apartments because of poor inspection and maintenance over time. Low water pressure is dangerous because it can cause backflows of the sewer system. That can contaminate everything within your home.

In addition, the quality of life in your home worsens because everything ranging from showering, doing laundry, and washing dishes, among others, will turn into frustrating tasks.


Plumbing problem #4: Pipe Leaks

  • Main cause: Clogged water line

Leaking pipes can sometimes go unrealized until they cause damage to your home floor or walls and a strangely high water bill. Pipe leaks are fixable. A plumbing contractor, for example, a plumber in Ottawa, checks the wet spots in your home, diagnoses areas of leaks, and ensures that joints tightly fit to prevent further harm.


Plumbing Problem # 5: Noisy Pipes

  • Main cause: Air in pipes, faulty ball valves, loose fitting washers, faulty clipped pipes, and trapped air.

Loud noise from your home pipes indicates that the plumbing system is undergoing a series of problems. If left unattended, drainage issues and subsequent clogging can make your home smelly and inhabitable.


Plumbing Problem #6: Clogged Drains

  • Main Cause: foreign materials such as food, hair, soap, and fats build up between drain-pipe and other pipes.

Typically most people tend to use a drain cleaner to overcome the problem of clogged drains. However, these are only temporary solutions. The definite solution to clogged drains is establishing the cause and employing proper strategies that solve the problem, for example, changing the pipes.


Plumbing Problem #7: Faulty Water Heaters

  • Main causes: Faulty temperature and pressure relief valve, low water pressure, a stuck valve, leaking pipes, loose heating elements, bad gasket, or leaking water tank.

The water heater needs regular servicing and maintenance to attain its life expectancy of 12 years. All water heater units, including the single home entity, require routine inspection and maintenance by a licensed electrician/plumber.


Plumbing Problem #8: Costly Water Bills

  • Main causes: Leaker tolts, faucets, or leaking pipes

If you realize that you’re paying an alarmingly high amount for water bills despite using water in small units like before, you need to consult a plumber as soon as possible. Plumbing personnel usually conduct a thorough assessment to establish if there are leaky pipes within your home. After all, pipe leaks are difficult to note, but they cause detrimental effects on your property.


How To Handle Plumbing Problems Affecting Your Home

Do a Routine Inspection and Maintenance

Regularly inspecting and maintaining your plumbing systems might seem like a costly errand. However, it will save you money from doing costly repairs and even losing your home. A professional plumber should do a routine checkup.

If there is a need to do repairs or replacements, please feel free to do so because plumbing problems accumulate one after the other until you cannot manage the final cost after some time.

Remember, the safety of your home is paramount. Therefore always work around the clock to ensure the integrity of your structure is not compromised.

Use Quality Plumbing Materials

When setting up the plumbing units in your home, use quality materials—Instal new sinks, tubs, and pipes rather than second-hand alternatives.

In addition, hire a reliable plumber who will do the jobs faster and more accurately. If you’re renovating your home, also hire a professional contractor regardless of how small the project appears.