At about the fifteen minute mark of seeing this show, a thought crossed my mind that whined, “Oh (insert expletive) me, is this gonna be art with a capital (insert expletive) A?” But what I found myself instead was a state of deep intimacy, emotional connection and an environmental love. From the theatre performance group Ontroerend Goed, the piece examines the nature of actions and their place in time, the human impact on the world, and the question of turning back the clock, through the fusion of film and live performance.


The narrative structure is deceptively simple. One series of events plays and then is played again but in reverse, but it is the small moments of this same event seen through two different perspectives that makes this piece surprisingly impactful. Surprise is the best word to describe how I felt when the piece really got underway as the audience is lulled into one rhythm before being swept up into another. It is the still the same story, but told through a different angle, and finding the moments of connection between human actions and the environment was like discovering little heartfelt gems. It’s how the piece lets the audience discovers its stories that builds the intimacy between the performers, the set and the narrative of environmental change.


My only complaint about this show is that it only runs until February 11th . This is a masterclass in devised theatre, in how to take a simple idea and utilize it to its full potential. The artists give the audience the gift of discovery, and, through that, find their own emotional bond to the work.