There is something special about experimentation. The willingness, the joy in playing with technology to deliver a performance experience and artistic experience that takes a concept done to death but aspire to do something different with it. The concept of identity is both broad and an easy target for artistic exploration. This critic has seen it done as a theatrical show, in songs and even as a visual art medium. It is a topic that has no clear answers, only questions but the joy comes in the exploration of it. In the case of Same Difference by Theatre Conspiracy that joy of exploration comes from the experimentation and combination of technology, new media, visual arts, audio arts and personal stories to transform the space into a gallery of identity.


Atmosphere is the key here as the set design, projection work and audio work transform the space into a gallery that rivals anything at the AGO. Audiences are free to walk around, play around with the set design, listen to the audio pieces created and just take the time to be and explore. However, it is not just a gallery. It is a gallery with a 45 minute show utilizing and combining all the tech with the real life stories that constantly ask “Who are we?”


The sound design is the highlight of this piece from the moment the space is opened to the show that follows. It is a varied journey of real life stories, almost sci fi like music, and it fills the space working together with the projections. It should be noted it is encouraged for the audience to walk around and explore even as the piece goes on which interesting to note during the performance I saw not many people did. Perhaps it is our theatrical instincts as audience members. But this piece does something incredible, in that it inspires the audiences to take agency and explore.


If there was one thing about the show that needs clarification is the timing. The gallery intro section is not included in the show time and as such the show run does run longer than the 45 minutes.