The main requirement for every video conferencing is a compelling video and audio quality. However, with how the market is overflowing with a range of platforms, it might be hard for you to choose. Well, this should never be the case. iMind has you covered with crystal clear pictures. One of the best ways to identify a good product is by checking the reviews of past and current users. iMind reviews have received so much applause from its past and present users.


iMind is a video conferencing tool that features all you are looking for to have crystal clear video and audio quality while communicating with your colleagues or clients.


Features of iMind video conferencing

Using some features of the iMind platform depends on your subscription. We will categorize each component according to the plan.


Free plan

Here are some of the features of the free plan mode:

  • you can host up to 100 members;
  • you can hold a meeting for up to 40 hours;
  • enjoy unlimited recording;
  • you can use multiple screens at a time.

If it’s your first time using iMind, the free plan is available for use. It doesn’t require your credit card. Be sure to know that this is a free plan so certain features of the iMind tool will not work on it.


Pro plans

The Pro plan offers all features in the free plan and other added featu listed below:


  • it offers custom branding;
  • enjoy unlimited room URLs;
  • enjoy personal and group rooms;
  • you have License and User Rights Management.


This plan is good for both small and big companies.


Business Plan

The Business Plan offers everything in Pro including the following:

  • custom subdomain;
  • recordings can be saved forever;
  • storage connection via WebDAV
  • customer server personal account.

This plan is suitable for big businesses.


Enterprise Plan

This plan offer everything in Business and the following:

  • priority support;
  • enjoy On-premise delivery;
  • enjoy Cloud Monitoring;
  • offers Cloud Localization.

This plan is good for big businesses and enterprise.


Other features of the iMind video conference tool you may be unaware of

iMind doesn’t have any limitations regarding who can join their platform, anybody can create a room and send the invite link to your attendees, and they will join the meeting by just following the link.

  • this web conferencing tool allows you to use it on any device, regardless of the browser. It’s available on Android and iOS;
  • the platform doesn’t require a password, which makes it hard for hackers to access it. Instead, you receive a one-time password via your email, then insert it on the website, and you are good to go;
  • you can use chat for business to communicate with your business partners online and solve your workflows. If you are a remote worker, you can use conference calls and meetings to execute your work too.

Customer review

Customer review is one of the most important and valuable tools for every product. That’s what some people check directly to know whether they are going to purchase a product or not. iMind reviews has received numerous applause from customers not only in Canada but all over the United States for its recording quality, multiple sharing features, and a free plan which gives you the ability to join the talk for free and is easy to use.


Final thoughts

When it comes to video conferences, the essential things most people look for are crystal-clear video and audio quality. iMind is the best tool you can get for this, it’s best for both small and large businesses, comfortable to use, and you don’t need to register to use it if you are not the host of the meeting.