The different provinces of Canada are changing their regulations on betting with 9 of the provinces now having some sort of government-ran online gambling platform and Ontario even allowing third-party platforms in the state.


With casino players in Ontario having a great pick of casinos to choose from, let’s take a look at the top games to play and go over a few tips!


Tips for playing on an online casino


The number one tip when playing on any kind of online casino is to make sure you’re playing in a casino that’s reliable and fully licensed. This makes sure that any games you play are fair and that you’re playing in a safe environment. You also want to make sure that the online casino has a great support system – from in-depth FAQs to round-the-clock support in case any problems arise (touch wood they don’t!)


When picking your game, if you don’t think you quite understand the rules then many online casinos will provide free-to-play modes. These are great to practice and test out new strategies that you’ve learned.


So let’s get into the top games!


The Casino Games to play


Online Roulette

Roulette is one of the most enjoyed casino games in Canada and there are plenty of reasons why. It’s incredibly simple to pick up and learn – you simply have to guess where the ball will land – This makes it perfect for beginners. You also have different strategies and bets you can make, which on the other hand makes it perfect for more advanced players.


You can find different live versions to enjoy at online casinos. These games have real croupiers and live chat functions so it’s very close to being in a real casino. Once you’ve got to grips with the basics you can start looking at different betting strategies such as the Martingale system.


Online Blackjack

Another stern favourite with many players is online blackjack. Great for beginners, the premise of blackjack is simple: try to get your cards closer to 21 than the dealer. This makes it another game that’s easy to pick up but hard to master.


Many online casinos will also have different versions of online blackjack, allowing for endless fun.


Online Poker

Requiring a lot more skill than the previous two games, poker is one of the biggest online casino games. There are various tournaments with huge cash pots and some of the best poker players in the world are Canadian – including the incredible Daniel Negreanu.


There are quite a few different variations of poker all with different rules. The best way to get to grips with the rules is to simply try them out! Most poker variations will have you being dealt cards to try and make hands that outrank other players and the most popular to play are Omaha poker or Texas Hold’em. Both are great places to start.


Online Craps

Craps is a huge hit in American casinos, thanks to the amount of involvement you get as a player. It’s also a game that can be played with a big budget, making it really good for high rollers.


The game premise is quite complicated and will take some getting used to, but it boils down to 2 stages; a Bet placed before rolling the dice and a bet placed after. There are also various different bets you can make within these phases, each with its own payout.



The most popular casino game in both land-based and online casinos, slots can provide hours of fun. The mechanics of the game are the same in every slot, place your bet, pull the lever and cross your fingers that the reels land on a combination!


The big difference is between the different games. There are thousands – if not tens of thousands – of different slot machines to choose from. These include fantasy-based ones, classics, slots with huge progressive jackpots and even slots based on bands like Guns N’ Roses. Each of these games has different bonus rounds, animations and more.



If you’re from Ontario – or Canadian in general – and want to get in on the entertaining world of online gambling but don’t know where to start, why not try one of the suggestions above? They are all easy to pick up but hard to master and who knows – you may even strike it lucky!