We live in a digital, connected age, where the internet has truly turned the world into a village. It allows for an enormous variety of digital experiences offered to international audiences through the click of a button. You’re no longer restricted to picking entertainment options or cultural offers from your area, as the web makes unique experiences from around the world available at your fingertips.


From travel to fitness and games: virtual experiences abound

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to access a whole plethora of different kinds of entertainment offers from around the world at any time and anywhere. From travel experiences and sightseeing to evening entertainment and music, thanks to live streams, videos, and virtual tours all kinds of places appear in viewers’ homes. You can’t just walk the streets of Tokyo and hike the mountains of Austria via your screen, you can also bring a fitness coach virtually into your living room, play escape games from your home, visit the casino digitally or take part in virtual wine tasting. The plethora of virtual experiences is near endless and opens offers to anyone from around the world as geographical barriers melt away through the web.


If you’re looking for a HIIT coach from the states or a yoga teacher from India, you can find them and anything in between offering virtual classes online to participants around the globe. Do you want to have a teambuilding event, but your colleagues are far away? With virtual escape games from around the world, you can test your teamwork skills remotely as a guide is streamed live onto your screens leading you through the experience. In a similar manner, you can also have a virtual game night with casino games no matter where you are. There’s a wide variety of online platforms from different regions around the world available online, offering all kinds of casino games in different languages digitally. For instance, if you’re from Thailand and want to play online roulette, known as รูเล็ตออนไลน์, from anywhere, you can access international offers online. The best-rated platforms have live roulette games that stream a real dealer onto players’ screens for an immersive digital experience. Similarly, you can have a professional winemaker from France appear on your screen to teach you all about the finest bottles from the region and gain confidence in your sommelier knowledge through virtual classes. All of this and more can nowadays simply be experienced from the comfort of your home, bringing entertainment and more from around the globe to everyone.


International music and culture on our screens

This ongoing trend of making virtual experiences available to audiences from around the world is also changing the way we can enjoy cultural offers. From concerts to theatre and opera, we can now see performances, and learn about the music and art from different countries online. More and more concert halls and theatres offer virtual experiences to watch from anywhere. Now you don’t have to travel to California to take part in the Coachella festivities or fly to England to see performances from the Glastonbury Festival, as these and many more festivals are now streamed live online. You can even travel to Australia virtually and experience the exquisite performances at the Sydney Opera House through their various online programs and live streams. Anyone interested in British theatre has the opportunity to watch performances at the National Theatre At Home online from anywhere at any time.


It’s not just international offers, though, as many Canadian cultural experiences await online as well. The Stratford Festival has a plethora of digital offers and online concerts, while the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra offers live concert streams online. For more of the finest orchestral musicians and soloists, the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra regularly publishes recordings of classic concerts to enjoy from anywhere. With this immense variety of international performances available on the web, anyone with an internet connection can experience arts and culture from around the world. It enables an international cultural exchange like never before, allowing people from around the world to expand their cultural horizons.


From a yoga session in India to a Thai game night moving on to wine tasting in France, a visit to a British Theatre and a concert in Sydney – thanks to the enormous variety of virtual experiences, the amount of things you can do and see from the comfort of your home is endless. Entertainment and cultural offers from around the globe have never been as accessible to international audiences as today.