The NFL is almost here and the wait is finally over. The games happening in the previous season have come to an end and the new year welcomes fresh games alongside the most popular sport football and of course the more popular season of NFL. The new season of the NFL stands out from its previous landscape as the fans are once again ready to take out their cardboards, stand in queues, and fill up the vacant spaces of stadiums.


For the first time, the NFL will have 17 distinct games played during the classic intervals. One can derive an experience from the football’s console counterpart and also keep themselves entertained. While the NFL is all set to rock the stage, why will you hold yourself back during the breaks this NFL season? The complete list of potential games that are the best to be played while the season declares a break is listed below.


CBS Franchise Football

This is an NFL simulator for CBS. It is a free-to-play game possessing some appreciable redeeming qualities. The app is mostly fun, addictive, and has a good grind if you are patient. The game provides you with various NFL players constituting different teams with leading mechanics. It is a good way to devote some time to the simulator while the actual season is on its break.


Fantasy Sports (ESPN)

Fantasy sports are one of the most popular games of all time. The app allows you to communicate with managers, browse through free agencies, and trade and offers various features related to live streaming. This is an exhilarating experience for the users. Moreover, football fans on the Indian subcontinent can also try the best football betting sites in India as they enjoy the NFL. With all the stats and in-depth analysis of all the games at their fingertips, they can bet with confidence on the best football betting sites available in their region. This is a great way for them to be a part of the game as well.


Fanatical Football

Fanatical Football is mostly an unofficial game constituting the fundamental football mechanics. You get to create your fictional teams, score touchdowns, and play like original players. The mechanics are not modern and are a bit cumbersome. Though it has some bugs, it is one of the best football games in the PlayStore. Fanatical Football offers various features including player upgrades, play modes, power-ups, and so on.


Big Win Football

The game is a football simulator. You act as a manager and combine the competitive team on the field. Players get to face other players as a matter of dominance, facing each other. The online competitive experience is most active with Big Win Football. While making your team, you can gather players of contrasting skills and abilities. You can improve your team while bringing in new players. You have things such as boost cards to deliver you with an upper edge during the games. It is more like the other free-to-play titles.


Football Dash

You can consider Football Dash as an amazing arcade-style game of football. You had to plow your route through multiple defenders to acquire touchdowns. The game offers easy, one-handed mechanics with game leaderboards, power-ups, and so on. To add to it, arcade-style gaming makes the best for short play sessions. The game is absolutely a good option for the NFL.


Madden NFL (2022)

The official game of the NFL on mobile is the Madden NFL 22. As it is designed by EA, you can expect similar abilities as in the other games made by EA. Apart from this, it is an excellent game overall having a be-a-Gm gaming mode that enables you to build a team and correspond it to face other teams. The game can include both modern players and legends, while it can also be played against your friends as a multiplayer online game. The new Madden series is being loved more than the old ones.



Considering the offseason as a carousel and a little rematching, you can hit yourself with the games you are looking forward to during the NFL breaks this season. Most of these games are simulation or arcade games that do not demonstrate actual football action. Some of the arcade games that can also be enjoyed on Android are listed in the article.