Digitalization is the gist of our modern planet; with this, we are becoming more digital daily. Technology has gifted us with Blockchain, and Blockchain has offered us the first digital currency, Bitcoin. 


This astonishing discovery has grabbed many people at once to trade digitally. Many of us like to gamble, and some of us are professionals who want to play for a long time. Bitcoin has the ability to give both sides an opportunity to trade and earn money. 


In addition, it has the ability to transact your money across borders with a very low transaction fee and without any involvement of any third party. People enjoyed the anonymity and quickness of Cryptocurrency, and if you want to experience the same, you might try it from quantum ai.


The exponential growth of NFTs has been seen since 2021, and thousands of investors are showing interest in digital art. We are here to know the most expensive NFTs that are ever sold.


What Is NFT? 

Before we know the expensive NFTs, it is crucial for us to get a concise idea about NFTs. 


Blockchain has created a unique process to represent unique assets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The unique assets can be a document, music or a piece of art, or even real estate. 


We must know why NFTs are not fungible! 


You can trade a Bitcoin with another Bitcoin, but the NFTs are secured with unique codes which are unbreakable; thus, every NFT is unique and cannot be exchanged with another. Even when you see two same kinds of pictures, you will be able to identify the difference through the NFTs. 


Well, the value of NFTs lies within the uniqueness of each NFTs. Its value also can be determined by knowing who created it. For instance, a celebrity’s NFT music album will be very high in value. 


The Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold

It is now time to explore the expensive world of NFTs. We will get an idea of how valuable NFTs are in this current world. 


1. The Merge 

This is a piece of art created by the famous digital artist Pak. The Merge is actually a series of NFTs which was sold in December 2021 worth $91.8m and made it the most expensive NFT of all time. 


28,983 people have purchased the art with a total of 312,000 shares to make Pak the most expensive living artist. 


2. Everyday: The First 5000 Days

The American graphic designer known as Beeple created this amazing piece of digital art. He became famous after gathering 5000 pictures every day, which he has collected for more than 13 years. 


This marvelous artwork can also be seen as the growth of Beeple as an artist over the years. This particular NFT was sold for $69.3 and is the second most expensive digital art. 


3. Clock

This is also art created by Pak and Julian Assange to bring a social issue in front of the public. Julian Assange was sent to prison for a highly controversial issue, and this art was determined to be used as support for the legal bills of the person. 


However, it was sold for $52.7 million and also showcased 29,000 tokenized messages from the buyers. 


4. Human One

This is another masterpiece of Beeple, which created huge hype and sold for $28.9 million. This is also considered the first physical artwork with four digital screens. 


This piece of art shows an endless journey of an astronaut who journeys through places at various times of the day. Human One, a moving 3D sculpture, smashed various records to be the first digital, physical artwork. 


5. Cryptopunk #5822 

CryptoPunk is one of the famous NFT projects and is leading the market of NFT with its continuous expensive collections. CryptoPunk #5822 was sold to the CEO of a Blockchain technology startup worth $23.7 million. 


It is one of the nine rarest NFT aliens available and is unique because it also comes with a bandana. 


To Conclude

NFTs are the future assets, and this trend of digital assets is not going to die soon. The price of every expensive NFT tells the story of its future. From the above list, which one is your best? 


Whatever it is, the value of NFT is true, and people, including celebrities, trust in it. Thrive into the digital world to explore more about NFTs. NFT is the ‘new normal,’ and everyone trusts its uniqueness and security with its non-fungible process.