The growing craze for online games has become limitless at the same time that youngsters try to get the best gaming experience. Online operators have not hesitated to grab this opportunity and build their gaming platforms the best way by offering multiple ways for the players to maximally invest their time online. Keeping all this in mind, we are here with a less structured niche of the gaming genre, but with an ultimate selection of the popular active choices.


The Growing Trends

The most accepted and celebrated approach when playing these games online is through PlayStations, Nintendo Gaming Devices, and gaming consoles. This recent surge of such gaming gadgets can be seen as an aftereffect of the increase in the number of new users and new games as well. A quite flexible and sizable number of games are available on iOS, Android, Windows, and other gaming platforms. The most loved games among hundreds of them are as follows:



The most famous football game. Since it was launched in 1993 its numbers have not stopped increasing. It has been because of the realistic graphics that the game has been achieving. Nowadays, the players are scored according to their skills and their physical form. The revenue of the games in 2021 was almost $1 billion.


Furthermore, this game can be beneficial for betting users who enjoy playing more realistic video games. The updates can show to the fans which teams are the strongest and which are not in order to bet. Some of the bet sites in the UK such as SBO offer great competitive odds in comparison with their competitors. Moreover, users can have access to a different number of bonuses and promotions to try to win. However, FIFA is not the only game which can be beneficial for this sport, those who like for example NBA or Cricket, can also find these sports on these kind of platforms.



PUBG is a name that doesn’t need an introduction, the title speaks for itself. The basic highlight of PUBG is its realistic graphics along with its explicit gameplay.

In 2020, the game became the highest-grossing game with a revenue generation of $2.6 billion.


Statistics demonstrate the app has been downloaded 730 million times. Over 50 million people play PUBG regularly. 75 percent of the players are males from India and 60 percent of them are males from the US.



Fortnite is a battle royale game brought into the arena by Epic Games in 2017.   A survival game played in four active game modes that combines Battle Royale, Creative, Party Royale, and Save the World. In June 2020, there were around 78 million downloads of the game on mobile devices. The game acquired more than 125 million players after its launch. The concurrent count of Fortnite players was 78.3 million and the average number of players was 937,500. The game has recorded around 25 million active users daily. According to a study, 36 percent of the gamers played the game for 0 to 6 hours every week and 34 percent of them spent for 6 to 12 hours every week.


Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty is the most appreciated game among youngsters. The theme obviously revolves around global warfare as the subtitle suggests Warzone. The game progresses with multiple titles, however, the popular ones include Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops 2, Black Ops 4, and WW2.


The global Call of Duty Franchise had an audience reach of around 250 million in 2020. A study shows 4.49 million monthly downloads of the mobile app and the monthly revenue generation is $24.71 million. The average number of viewers of Warzone worldwide is 48.1 thousand, whereas the monthly hours spent by gamers on Call of Duty is 34.5 million.



After its long original release, the game has cemented its players among gamers from all over the world. The game had a revenue generation of $415 million in the year 2020 out of which the mobile version generated a revenue of $110 million. The monthly count of players investing their time in Minecraft is over 130 million and the gaming formats have been sold multiple times. The Chinese edition of the game has been downloaded more than 400 times on mobiles as recorded by the statistics.



Online gaming is the future of this industry as it is seen as a source of entertainment. This ongoing move towards an online gaming industry is expected to rise further in the coming future. With virtual games on an average rising front, the gaming study shows that custom models with growing gamers worldwide also translates into an increase in the number of streamers.