Fortnite is known to be one of the biggest games to be available at the moment with more than 100 million players playing this game during its initial year. It was first unveiled at the 2011 Video Game Awards where a game involving players to gather resources and build forts was introduced. This game took over 5 years to be developed and published. Epic Games took their team to develop exactly what they had in mind that Fortnite would be. The developers wanted to create something that the players would get deeply involved in by spending their own money to enhance their gaming experience. The game was later launched as an uncompleted and paid early access game in 2017, and then in 2018 with a full release.


The Fortnite: Battle Royale was released using the Save The World formula. Epic Games also introduced a free mode for consoles. This was a big move as many battle royal games were designed for PC users only and PlayStation and Xbox users could not enjoy playing this game as well. In the first 24 hours that the game was released, it went over and above one million players with the free mode. Many players shared their thoughts on this game on their social media, and that is how it gained more and more attention of video game enthusiasts. Players loved the rewarding system of the game, as well as the personalization feature. Players were also impressed with the availability of cross-platform, meaning that PC and console players could play against or with each other. This game also was popular with children who made it a trend to play the game as well as practice the dance moves the characters make. Later such dances were also adopted by famous celebrities such as French professional football player Griezmann who used the dance move as his celebration after he scores.


The game was not only popular with people that were playing it but also people who were streaming themselves play online on popular platforms such as Twitch. In 2019, Fortnite surpassed League of Legends as one of the games with the most views. This was a big achievement since League of Legends had dominated the platform for such a long time. This grabbed the attention of many gaming enthusiasts.


With popularity, criticism also came along especially amongst parents whose children was spending too much time playing this game on their PC or console. Parents were obliged to limit their children’s time playing such games. In 2018, the WHO established gaming to be a type of addiction due to the popularity of such games. On the other hand, players could team up and work together, which was seen as a positive. Another positive aspect was that it was established to be fun when compared to alternative games that focus on brutal shooting scenes. This game gained a lot of popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic including other industries such as the gambling world. This game is mostly played by young adults between the age of 18 and 24, the same age group that is known to take part in betting and gambling activities.


Epic Games hope to continue their success with more than a 100 million players currently playing Fortnite. They make sure to always update Battle Royale to make sure that it is still evolving and gaining a modern interface that will still interest both existing and new players. Each new Fortnite season introduces brand new features, locations and personalization options. Their main competitor at the moment is Call of Duty as it is bringing out its very own battle royales.