Casino gaming is not a modern concept. Almost every culture since antiquity has had some form of gaming, and most of them began as games to pass the time while people were on break. Some people took part to socialize with their community. The types of games vary, and people still play many of them today, but with modifications. Some of the games people play in casinos have a long history.

With that said, it would be interesting to know where the modern casino games came from and how the casino started.


Card-based games 

For games of chance, the first forms people used were cards. The earliest samples discovered in China were playing cards used around the 1100s. Dice and card games have been popular in China since ancient times. However, the first modern deck of playing cards with familiar suits came from the French. Some of the card games people know today started as games that people could play during their short breaks — this was before the abolition of slavery in North America. In some cultures, they used tokens instead of cards in some of their games. For example, Chinese Mahjong players use wooden and ornately designed ceramic tokens.


Inclusion of dice games

Dice games came before card games. In ancient Egypt, scholars and archeologists discovered they used dice for fortune-telling. Early Egyptian dice used animal bones. Over many centuries, people enjoyed a form or bone-rolling game as one form of entertainment.


Egypt claims to be the home of the dice. But Korea is where the modern-day dice games developed. People continue to enjoy the thrill of playing dice until today.


Slot machines 

Charles Fey from California developed the entertaining slot machine around the 1800s. It gave people another option to play a game. People were thrilled, as they could get lucky in a single spin. Today, slot machines come in several variations, from numbers to fruits to vegetables, animals, characters, and more. There are even mini versions that children can safely play with as learning tools. If you want to know how interesting it is to play dice games, slot machines, and other online casino games, you can have options to play here jackpot casino games.


Origin of casino 

If you have games that you can play in casinos online or on-site, you should also know where the casino started. According to records, the first casino house was established in the 17th century in Italy. The establishment, called The Ridotto, is located in Venice. It was founded in 1638 to provide a controlled gaming environment.


In the U.S., the early French settlers brought several games with them. Aside from the established casino houses, the steamboats on the Mississippi River provided their passengers with casino gaming options.


Who would know that some of the casino games have fascinating histories? Several years back, you could only play casino games by physically visiting a casino house. But today, you can play many of the casino games you love without leaving your home.