Every casino player fancies a big casino bonus. Pop into any FIAT currency betting site, and you will likely find them by the dozen. Everything from welcome bonuses to monthly specials, loyalty bonuses, free spins, and tournaments – you name it, they carry it. What about Bitcoin casinos, though? Can you claim Bitcoin bonuses when betting online in 2021? Of course, you can. However, it is worth running the rule over the types of offers that are available. This is what we aim to do with this guide to Bitcoin casino bonuses.

Bitcoin Casino Welcome Bonus

First up on our whistle-stop Bitcoin casino bonus tour is the welcome bonus that is afforded to all new players. As we are sure you are aware, this bonus can either be a no deposit offer (where, naturally, no deposit is required9, but is more commonly a deposit bonus. It may span a single deposit or several. Either way, you are in line to receive free BTC when you deposit, and this can be used to play a myriad of top casino games.

Bitcoin Reload Bonuses

If the welcome bonus was not enough for you, many Bitcoin casinos will give you a second bite at the cherry. Indeed, some continually supply you with regular deposit bonuses. These are known as reload or redeposit bonuses, and they work in the same way that the welcome bonus does. However, the critical difference here is that all players – new and already existing – can make a deposit to claim. Free spins may (or may not) be included in these offers, much like the welcome bonus deals.

Free Spins and Loyalty Offers

Not all Bitcoin casinos offer loyalty clubs and VIP programs. However, of those that do, you will generally be able to acquire points (known as loyalty points) for betting on games. Over time, you can exchange these for casino goodies, including real BTC. Some BTC casino loyalty clubs may be built over several tiers, and each new tier you reach (by acquiring points) can see you gain additional promos and bonuses.

Can I Claim Bitcoin Bonuses and Play FIAT Currency Games?

Like most casino offers, there are specific terms and conditions that you are going to need to adhere to when it comes to Bitcoin bonuses. One of the most common is that you cannot use Bitcoin casino bonuses to play FIAT currency games. As your bonus is credited in BTC, you are going to need to play those games (however many or few they may be) that accept Bitcoin wagers.

Can I Use Bitcoin Bonuses on All Games?

Another thing that you need to keep an eye out for is game eligibility. Not all Bitcoin bonuses can be used on all games. As we have said, you cannot use them on FIAT currency games. However, a conventional Bitcoin bonus may not be eligible for use on live dealer games, either. Some Bitcoin casinos have specific bonuses that can be used for RNG or live dealer games.