It is undeniable that we have been consuming new music and movies at an astounding rate recently. For example, we watch around 22 hours of television per week, this isn’t even including streaming services. This has led to our expectations of the content we are experiencing being much higher and playing a much bigger role in deciding what content we choose to consume or subscribe to.

When it comes to music, there are a wide variety of streaming services available, for example, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. Due to their popularity, streaming platforms are required to keep up with the high expectations of music listeners. These expectations come in the form of advanced levels of personalisation, making sure they create a personal and enjoyable experience for the user, with Spotify and Apple Music leading this race.

A new album released on May 21st that is making streaming history is ‘SOUR’ by Olivia Rodrigo. ‘Good 4 U’ is the third single taken from this album and has broken the record for the most plays in a single week on Spotify, and has been streamed 84 million times around the world. The album itself tells the story of the different versions of ourselves we show, depending on who we are around. Through these personalised channels, it means more new artists like Olivia will have their music heard.

It’s not just music that has to live up to our expectations, as the film industry has also had to adapt. If you are watching a movie, it is no longer just about the visuals, as the plot and casting also need to be excellent. Filmmakers are constantly coming up with new ways to keep viewers engaged, from ‘Lost in London’ being filmed in one take, to ‘The Quiet Place’ asking viewers to imagine what life would be like if they had to survive in silence. While these are two completely different films, they both offer a new viewing experience for the person watching. Furthermore, streaming platforms such as Netflix also offer personalised movie suggestions, helping you find the perfect movie for you.

Apart from music and television, we also have expectations that we envisage being met for all areas of entertainment, including gaming and online casinos. Some of these expectations that customers expect can be quick payment times. According to, most online casinos offer fast withdrawal systems, although some payment options can take up to five days to appear in your account. Casinos with fast withdrawal times have also been found to have happier players who keep returning. Other examples of the online gaming industry going above and beyond include remastering older games, such as the Final Fantasy franchise, and increased interactivity in the form of VR and AR.

While it is important to keep our expectations at the forefront of our minds, especially when coming across new movies and music, it is also helpful to keep an open mind. Companies are constantly bringing you personalised experiences to the content you access. Therefore, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to believe that there are untold, exciting innovations just around the corner for us as avid consumers of entertainment.