Our video games have always been there for us. To comfort us, cure our boredom and lift us to a place that is beyond our own unimaginative life. From early classics like Zelda and Jill of the Jungle right through to today’s gore-fest of Fortnite and C.O.D, the plots have changed, the characters evolved but still the enjoyment continues. In fact, they have been as exciting as the free spins for $1 that we came across on Casino Pilot recently.

But today we’re looking at the most popular franchises of all time that have turned the gaming world on its head. And whilst some have grown old with us over the years, fading from the spotlight, others are still going strong many years later. Here’s our pick of the bunch for the best franchises in gaming history.

Space Invaders

If we were to sum up the legacy of this game; it took gaming from being a novelty to global success. Created in 1978, no game has stood the test of time as this and its franchise has seen it amass a global cult following. It changed the way games were made, played and portrayed in popular culture and is still the single most famous game to sum up all gaming.

Although many sequels and follow-ups over the years have been successful, Space Invaders has made our list for what it’s done for the industry rather than its stand alone, profitably success. And for that we will always be eternally grateful, for not for these guys, C.O.D, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy and more may never have become!

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy VII is still a most memorable game, for when it was released it was more than a game; it was a pure blockbuster!

The series has seen many changes over the years and unlike most other franchises, FF chooses to change up its characters and even the world its portrayed for each new masterpiece. The epitome of JRPG that really set the standard for the genre for the years to come, their commitment to team-based fighting, a plethora of mini games and cinematic storyline that sucked in even the most stubborn amongst us has made the franchise a true legend.

From its birth in 1987, the evolution of the game from Japanese novice to global success has seen over 160 million units sold. 2020 saw the remake of their gold star, VII, and with Final Fantasy XVI about to make its debut, it’s still as popular as ever.


This may not be one of the most exciting games you’ll ever play, but it may just be the only one that actually helps your brain. Yes, playing Tetris actually thickens your cortex which directly leads to more efficient overall brain activity. Shame it ruins your vision, though.

Tetris was designed by Russian Alexey Pajitnov in 1984 and has since sold around 480 million versions of its mobile and physical game. It holds the Guinness World Record for most ported video game, being available on over 60 different platforms. From the classic Game Boy version that we all loved to newer, psychedelic versions (?), the franchise is coming up to forty years running.

Call Of Duty

Not only does the Guinness World Records hold them as the best selling, first-person shooter game ever, C.O.D is the most successful franchise born on American soil and the third highest grossing of all time. Not bad considering it only made its appearance in 2003. After initially focussing on WWI and WWII style games, the have covered nearly every era to date with realistic weapons and scenes that offer complete player immersion.

In 2007, Modern Warfare was first released and went on to become its own branch with many new releases over the years as fans really took to the more modern approach. With further releases on an annual basis and fans flocking to their multi-player, online platform in droves, C.O.D will easily double its 400 million sales in the coming years. A successful comic line, action figures and even an up-coming Hollywood movie on the cards will certainly help push this franchise to its limits.


Yes, Pokémon takes the crown as biggest money spinner ever, but most of its near $100 billion net worth is from merchandise. The original Game Boy title of Pokémon Red and Blue were the brain child of Japans Satoshi Tajiri whom based the Pokémon world on the regions of Japan. That was back in 1995 however, and the original series has gone on to produce multiple sequels and clocking up sales in excess of 370 million, second only to Super Mario.

Not since Zelda has more been done for Nintendo with the Switch ready to drop Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and still has Pokémon Legends: Arceus due for release soon. The Pokémon empire may be the single most profitable media franchises on the planet with movies, television and even a musical, but its video game series is still a stand alone success.


Who would have thought that Italian plumbers would make global gaming icons. Although technically first appearing in 1981’s Donkey Kong, the first Mario game hit the stands way back in 1983 and has since extended into movies, TV series’, comics and even a theme park. Not only is the Mario series the highest selling video games of all time with close to 700 million units sold, a decent handful of games under the Super Mario banner are known as the best of all time, too.

Over 250 games spawning from one foreign tradesman, with sub-series’ including Mario Kart, Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, Donkey Kong vs Mario and more. Mario is not just the greatest video game franchise ever, it is one of the most profitable media franchises to date.