There are a lot of TV shows that cover the world of plastic surgery, but very few of them offer more than entertainment value. If you’re interested in getting cosmetic surgery, you should watch the following shows and get informed.

Skin Decision: Before & After

Skin Decision is one of the newest shows about plastic surgery to hit TV screens. The streaming juggernaut Netflix presented this reality TV show in 2020. What’s it about? Each episode focuses on patients dealing with certain problems about their appearance that they’d like to change. They get to consult with two different experts: a board-certified plastic surgeon and a skin-care expert. They then choose between a surgical or non-surgical solution for their problem.

Critics have praised Skin Decision for its honest and informative approach to plastic surgery. The show promotes the idea that cosmetic procedures cannot change who you are, but they can make you feel like a better version of yourself. This gives viewers realistic expectations if they ever decide to go through with their own procedure.

This makeover show could inspire you to fix something that you’ve always wanted to deal with. If you’re inspired, you can book a consultation at this plastic surgery clinic in Mississauga to discuss what you’re interested in getting. Not only are they the best place to get plastic surgery in Mississauga, but they are also the best place to get non-surgical treatments like body contouring, laser therapy and dermal fillers. Just like the show Skin Decision, you can find out whether a surgical or non-surgical option is the right choice for the results that you’re looking for.

The Plastics

The Plastics is an online series by the women’s magazine Harper’s Bazaar. The series takes a brief look at a variety of cosmetic procedures and the people who get them. You get to watch snippets of the procedures and get clear explanations from the surgeons performing them. You also get updates from the patients about their aftercare and results once they’ve recovered. Every video is simple, short and informative.

You can watch The Plastics series on YouTube.


Botched is a reality TV show that follows plastic surgeons Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif as they consult patients. Some episodes focus on performing corrective cosmetic surgery for people dealing with botched results. You can look at some of the most dramatic before and after photos of the patients who came on the show.

Not all patients are brought into surgery. Some patients are turned away from Dubrow and Nassif because they believe that they aren’t good candidates for the procedure. For instance, patients who want to increase their breast implant size past the recommended amount.

Botched shouldn’t be the only plastic surgery show that you watch since it focuses on extreme cases and mistakes for shock value. The patients on the show are not going through the average surgical experience. However, it does offer important lessons about plastic surgery, like you should always follow aftercare directions and you should never ignore the recommendations given during a consultation.

It’s wise to do your research before undergoing plastic surgery. So, it’s time to turn on your TV and start watching.