The latest part of the Hitman franchise is more profound than it may seem. On the one hand, it is another chapter of the familiar story — this time, with an epilogue. On the other hand, Hitman 3 is a fascinating narrative with plenty of novelties. Amazingly, what this game wants the most is to tell its audience a story.

This time, Agent 47, the laboratory-engineered killer, has new targets, toys, and tactics. The final chapter reveals the bold evolution of the story. You have to try to play this game! The level of a narrative payoff is incredible.

What Makes Hitman 3 Special

IO Interactive has created a fascinating, thrilling finale for the trilogy. Like the preceding versions, it allows you to play the role of the assassin and eliminate targets however you like. At the same time, the underlying story matters as much as the mechanics.

The developers have stated that they regard particular assassinations as canonical mission endings. This becomes obvious in Hitman 3, which occasionally hints at certain decisions and reinforces them afterwards with cutscenes. Like before, it is a balance of interactivity and player-directed narrative, but with more freedom.

Many of the playgrounds are informed by the story. Overall, the experience is more cohesive, unified and inventive than before. This time, you will solve a captivating murder mystery at a British country manor, explore the hunted/hunter dynamic in Berlin, and visit many more diverse locations.

Philosophical Message

The trilogy explores the implications of power, control, and self-determination. The shadow government called Providence influences global events from behind the scenes. It considers the masses incapable of making correct choices and guides the course of history.

In the beginning, Agent 47 and fellow assassin Lucas Gray were merely weapons through which the group wielded its power. But what will happen if they suddenly realize their own humanity, and desire to have free will? This is an extraordinary premise for a video game.

The consequences of the characters’ choices come crashing down on their heads. This is a brilliant conclusion to the trilogy. The masterful design and reinvention of familiar elements make it memorable and breathtaking.

Overview of the Missions

The game includes six missions for the assassin. The locations are extremely varied, from Europe to South America to the Middle East. You will see realistic depictions of:

  • Dubai, the UAE;
  • Dartmoor, the UK.;
  • Berlin, Germany;
  • Chongqing, China;
  • Mendoza, Argentina; and
  • Romania’s Carpathian Mountains.

Only two of these assignments have a conventional beginning, when agent 47 finds himself in the location, ready to do the work. The other four have extraordinary introductions. From infiltration of the tallest building in the world to exploration of a gas station at night, the scenarios are impressively diverse.

To win, players need to think on their feet. In most cases, the character starts without gear or weapons. He just drops into an unknown location without briefing and has to improvise.

Where to Play

Hitman 3 is available on all popular platforms. Get it from Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, or Epic Games store. Play on:

  • Google Stadia,
  • Nintendo Switch,
  • PlayStation 4,
  • PlayStation 5,
  • Windows PC,
  • Xbox One, and
  • Xbox Series X.

The Bottom Line

The final part of the trilogy is a riveting mix of spy narrative and free form. The developers did a great job developing the characters for Hitman 2, but now they have delivered a true masterpiece. The finale builds sympathy for the killers and raises global questions about power and free will. Here, trust is risky, allegiances are malleable, and you have to improvise to survive.