All Nancy Drew lovers will tell you that this series simply has no “bad” games. When the opening screen appears and the musical theme heralds another great mystery, users turn out to be true detectives. How many times have players found themselves at the desk, reading notes and searching for clues? There have been dozens of sequels in the main series so far, even some pokies at Woo Casino are dedicated to this game. These are the top 6 games of this series.

Shadow at the Water’s Edge
All fans remember this part. Not only because Nancy goes to Japan but also because the whole of Tokyo (and places beyond) can be traveled by train. It was the closest possible approximation to the open world for a game like this, and it was thrilling. The music was great and perfectly chosen, and all the heroes had their own character. Not to mention a few memorably frightening moments in the videos. Nancy had to put her Sudoku skills to the test by hunting down an evil poltergeist and making Bento boxes!

The Creature of Kapu Cave
The fifteenth part in the series was absolutely peerless. It’s easier than the others, but the views here are insane! With the Hardy brothers, the main heroine goes to Hawaii. She starts working as an assistant scientist and tries to figure out what’s going on in this island. The game is memorable in part because of its unique puzzles, but working with the Hardy brothers and the almost endless variety of activities will forever ensure it has a place in our memory.

The Secret of the Old Clock
Nancy arrives in the small town of Titusville, where her friend has inherited a hotel, but things have gone badly, and the friend is hoping to get help from a rich neighbor who likes to visit them often. But after his death, it turns out that all the property has passed into the hands of a certain “psychic”, whom the girl does not know. Besides, strange things happen in the hotel – objects come to life and various accidents happen.

The Secret of Shadow Ranch
Arizona State. The ranch where Nancy is vacationing is stirred by the appearance of the ghost horse of a hanged criminal. He may have buried treasure on the ranch property. Players have to solve a great number of puzzles in the game, and they can learn a lot about the culture thanks to this part.

Curse of Blackmoor Manor
Nancy goes to visit her neighbor’s daughter in England, at the ancient Blackmoor Castle. Linda, the mistress of the castle, lies on her bed behind a curtain all day, not showing her face in public and behaving strangely. According to players, this is the scariest part of this series of games.

The Haunted Carousel
During the game, you will investigate strange happenings in an amusement park. Once Nancy discovers treasure, probably hidden in the park. Instead of the traditional laptop we are served by a phone and a notebook with a to-do list. Mini-games and “dangerous” elements were not spared. Now, apart from the death itself, we face dismissal for any offence to the administration of the park. The puzzles became a little easier, and the game itself became shorter compared to the other parts.

All in all, these 6 high-quality games are enough to make a complete impression of the Nancy Drew series. However, today there are over 30 games to choose from, and you’ll surely find something special on your favorite topic from traveling to history.