Nowadays, the online world is richer and more varied than ever. This is particularly true of the world of igaming, where a new breed of virtual space is providing players with more options for fun than ever before.

Decentraland, a blockchain-based virtual reality platform, is currently one of the hottest topics in the world of VR and igaming. An entire online world, users can buy, develop and sell virtual land in this online realm. This is exciting news to be sure, with many players monetising their presence in Decentraland through a range of methods including selling virtual art via NFTs and playing at virtual casinos.

In this article, we will take a closer look inside the virtual world of decentraland, paying particular attention to the activities players can enjoy there as well as any opportunities for making money.

So, without further ado, let’s first try to lay down the basics when it comes to what Decentraland does and why it is causing such a splash in the world of VR and online gaming.

Understanding Decentraland: The Basics

A virtual world owned by those who use it, Decentraland allows users to create, explore and trade in an online space.

Essentially, Decentraland functions in a similar way to classic video games in that it allows users to explore, play and interact through their screens. With that said, the sheer scale of Decentraland coupled with its collaborative nature and potential for money making, manage to make this a truly unique development in the world of igaming.

How do people make money in Decentraland?

One of the most attractive things about Decentraland for many is that it provides a very real opportunity to make money in a virtual space. Whether through buying and selling LAND (virtual land in Decentraland), Estates, Avatar wearables or names in the Marketplace, users can monetise their time in the VR universe. All of this is backed by the ethereum blockchain, making transactions safe, secure and super simple.

Another way to make money in Decentraland is through playing at the online casinos there. Accepting various forms of cryptocurrency as payment, the casinos in Decentraland work just like those in the real world and on the regular internet, providing a chance to enjoy a variety of table games with potential to win real money. If you enjoy playing at the casinos in Decentraland, why not head to to gain a deeper understanding of the best places to play casino games on the internet.

At Decentral Games’ Tominoya Casino, an online casino where players can enjoy casino games through crypto wagering, human VR greeters are paid a wage to help newcomers to the casino. Indeed, it is possible to earn up to $500 USD per month working as a virtual greeter at this Decentraland casino, another way in which this exciting online world is providing options for making money. In addition to the twenty greeters, there is also a manager whose task it is to ensure the smooth running of the casino.

Overall, whether you head to Decentraland for fun or to trade or play casino games, the reality is that this exciting platform represents a new frontier in the world of VR.