There is no doubt that the USA is a world leader when it comes to acting as well as the number of professional actors and actresses. Hollywood remains a world leader in matters of film and theatre even though other countries such as China and India are also now slowly catching up. However, what most people don’t know is that Canada, the USA neighbor to the north, also boasts a fair share of top quality actors and actresses. In fact, most of the time, Canadian top actors and actresses have been mistaken to be Americans.

So, who are the top flying Canadian actors and actresses that have taken Hollywood by storm? Of course there are several Canadian Hollywood actors and actresses but in this article only my favourite 4 will be listed. What’s interesting with the 4 actors and actresses is that they also find online casinos and gambling quite fascinating. Canada is one of the countries that just recently approved gambling to be a legal activity. Now many people in the country including high-profile celebrities are taking advantage of the easing of the laws to play their favorite casino games.

Well, read on below to find out the top 4 Canadian Hollywood actors and actresses who find online casinos appealing:

Jim Carrey – He is a well-known Hollywood comedian who has starred in many successful films. Some of the films he has starred in include Dumber, The Mask and Dumb and several other Box-Office Titles he boast of. Apart from acting, he is also enjoys gambling and when is off the film world, he is sometimes found in various casinos in town trying his luck on the various table games. He also enjoys playing when not out in physical casinos.

Kiefer Sutherland – He is most popularly known as Jack Bauer in the highly watched TV series 24 that aired between the years 2001 – 2010. Apart from the TV series, he has also appeared in various successful films that make him one of the most adored Canadian Hollywood stars. Even though he is not a staunch gambler, he admits that he sometimes spares his free time to go gambling and occasionally play online casinos. He however says that he is not addicted to gambling like is the case with some other top actors.

Jennifer Tilly – She is Canadian-American actress who has appeared in various successful films shot in Hollywood. Born in the late 1950s in Harbor City, Las Angeles, she grew up to become a top-notch actor in Hollywood. She started her acting career in 1983 when she appeared in a small role in the film ‘Hill Street Blues’. She would later make a massive film debut the following year when she played the role of Mona in the film ‘No Small Affair’. She has managed to build a reputable brand as an actress in both film and television. She is also a professional poker player who has achieved success. She is a bracelet winner of the world series of porker ladies’ event.
Some of her notable movie roles include:

Bullets over Broadway
In this role she plays a young actress named Olive Neal, a girlfriend of a gangster. She is hired by youthful playwright and here, her boyfriend has great ideas for the play. This was a black comedy shot in 1994 and written by and directed by Woody Allen.

Bride of Chucky
Here, she plays the lead role in this 1998 supernatural comedy movie. She plays a character that brings back to life Chucky as she believes that her ex-boyfriend’s soul is hosted in a doll! This was also quite a spectacular supernatural movie.

Pamela Anderson – She is one of the most controversial Canadian actress. She is a lover of casino slots and poker and it rumored that she went ahead to marry Rick Salmon to help her settle a gambling debt! She starred in Baywatch and was also a Glamour model. Her insatiable love for casinos is out of this world considering the belief that gambling is usually a problem for men!

In Summary

Canada is one of the countries that made a change in laws regarding gambling and online casinos. Back in the days many countries put punitive restrictions in varied forms of gambling including online casinos. However, things are changing as gambling is widely being accepted as legal form of entertainment across varied cultures. The activity that was once considered controversial is now considered a lucrative activity offering employment to some families.

It is also interesting to note that now even prominent figures in the society enjoy gambling. High profile people including politicians, actors and other celebrities have found online casinos to irresistible. There is no doubt that gambling remains one of the most entertaining pastimes of all time.