Few activities can match the level of escapism that gaming provides. The pastime gives us a chance to disconnect from everyday life, while it also allows us to experience fresh and exciting new worlds at the touch of a button.

Incredible and immersive gaming experiences are now available across a range of devices, but one of the most intriguing developments in recent times has been the emergence of virtual reality.

Now, a new announcement has provided some insights into what the future of gaming in VR could ultimately look like.

A new level of control

In the middle of March, PlayStation.blog followed up recent news about the next-generation virtual reality system being created for the PlayStation 5 with a look at the new controllers for the platform.

The article outlined how the controllers have an orb-style shape, which has been created to help players hold them naturally. It added that the devices come with an array of features, including adaptive triggers that create tension when pressed. Haptic feedback is also included, while finger touch detection has been added to ensure players can make more natural gestures during play.

The PlayStation.blog post said the controller reflected a mission to achieve a “deeper sense of presence” and immersion in modern virtual reality experiences.

Major impact

The information provides an intriguing glimpse into what VR gaming could look like in the near future. A host of titles have embraced VR in recent years, with a good example being Star Wars Squadrons. As EA.com details, the entire game can be experienced in virtual reality on both PlayStation 4 and PC.

Another recent development in the space has been the news that AEXLAB has raised more than $700,000 on StartEngine as it looks to create VR gaming experiences. In a press release, the company outlined how it was raising funds for its VAIL multiplayer interactive game, while it added that the franchise had been attracting attention among professional and experienced amateur gamers. VR is also having an impact on other forms of gaming, with a notable example being the online casino world. As an example, Casinos.co.za explains how new casinos are embracing a range of trends at the moment, including branded slots and gamification. However, it also reveals that virtual reality is another big issue, as some new sites are offering titles that are compatible with the technology. The site adds that the concept means players are getting a fresh angle on the action.

Away from gaming, some other areas have also looked at the potential of VR in recent years. For instance, we spoke to Filmatics Creative Services’ Elia Petridis at San Diego Comic-Con in 2016 about the concept of virtual reality filming.

AR excitement

When all of that is considered, it seems fair to say that virtual reality has been in the spotlight recently. However, it is worth noting that one of its close relatives has also had its fair share of attention as well.

Augmented reality – or AR – has become a big issue in recent years, thanks in no small part to the success of titles like Pokemon Go. In November last year, Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates revealed that the game had generated $1 billion in the first ten months of 2020, while its lifetime revenue had gone beyond $4 billion. Now, one of the key names behind the title, Niantic, has revealed information on its next AR-infused experiences.

Last month, the organization confirmed in a blog post that it was working with Nintendo to create an app based around the Pikmin franchise. Set to be created at its Tokyo studio, the app is expected to encourage walking. Niantic also recently unveiled details of Codename: Urban Legends, a new title designed to demonstrate large-scale multiplayer experiences on 5G networks.

A whole new level

So many exciting innovations have had an influence on video gaming through the years, but it really seems like both VR and AR are coming to the fore at present. Some intriguing developments are clearly on the way, so it will be interesting to see how well they perform and just how much of an impact they ultimately have on the industry.

Gaming already offers a strong dose of escapism, but few would bet against VR and AR taking things to a whole new level.