Despite having a world of entertainment at your fingertips, it can be hard to decide on what you should spend your time and money on. If you are finding yourself struggling to know how to keep boredom at bay, this guide aims to offer some fantastic entertainment options that you should consider.

Theatre Productions You Have Got To See

There is something about the theatre. Nothing quite captures the heart and ensnares the senses as well as a professionally produced and exceptionally executed theatrical performance.

Hamilton: Having shattered records left, right, and centre, Lin Manuel-Miranda’s outstanding musical history of Alexander Hamilton is one of the most compelling performances you could ever hope to experience and is simply a must-see.

Les Misérables: Speaking of incredible experiences, you simply have to experience one of the longest-running musicals in history. This iconic struggle for liberté has been performed by some of the biggest names, both in theatre and film, and is without a doubt one of the most iconic theatre experiences of all time.

Shakespeare at the Globe: You can hardly speak of the theatre without someone mentioning Shakespeare, and for good reason. The man’s work is so widely known that he invented over a thousand words in the course of his writings, and his works are still regularly performed in the Globe theatre itself. An experience that any theatre lover should experience in their lives.

Games That You Should Be Playing Already

Comparatively speaking, the video game industry has not been around for a very long time. However, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t home to some of the most commanding and incredible story experiences you could possibly hope to engage with. The video game market is home to a varied and versatile range of games. From casino games like slots and poker found at to Call of Duty, there is a near limitless plethora of games to choose from. However, below are a handful of impactful series that you should definitely play as soon as you can:

The Last of Us: Arguably the most incredible zombie story told this decade, The Last of Us paints a gritty picture of a ravaged human society struggling to hold itself together after the apocalyptic spread of a fungal zombie infection.

Mass Effect Original Trilogy: A sci-fi adventure to truly adore, you follow the incredible commander Shepherd and their interstellar crew on a mission to defeat a terrible alien threat, the reapers, and save the world. Now is a brilliant time to get into the classic series as well, given that creators Bioware are releasing a remastered version of the trilogy.

Life is Strange: An incredible slice-of-life, interactive story with a fantasy twist. Follow schoolgirl Max in a bizarre adventure with her rebellious childhood friend, Chloe, and a strange new power.

Books You Need To Read

There are more books in this world than any one person can ever hope to read in their lifetime, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying! To help you on your way, here are a couple of book series that should absolutely be on your list of things to read:

The Stormlight Archives: The brainchild and pet project of Brandon Sanderson, the most prolific and well-read fantasy author of his generation. This epic series follows the adventures of iconic characters such as Kaladin Stormblessed on an incredible tale of power, humility, and betrayal.

The Mortal Instruments: An amazing alternative reality piece following Clary Fray and her discovery of a secret society of angelic demon slayers known as shadow hunters. This incredible series displays Cassandra Clare’s masterful command of story and ability to draw a reader along, hanging on every word.