In a world where it is nearly impossible to live without owning a smartphone, the era of professional mobile gaming was bound to come. Although mobile games have been around for quite a while now, with the earliest memories being of the basic snake game, the era of mobile gamers, is without doubt, now.

Years of technological modernization and excessive knowledge of digital devices have now made it possible for games with ultra-high graphics and innovative features to run on smartphones. The smartphone games that once were deemed as games for the little ones are now streamed live with adult players competing internationally. A widely known example of this is PUBG Mobile, a battle-ground with a huge fan following all over the world. Other than this, there are various other mobile games, which are the perfect option for enjoying time away from work, and are available in all genres for players of all ages and categories.

Mobile Video Games

While the earlier centuries knew their gaming to be on arcades, which meant physically going to a gaming spot in order to play, it is far easier and accessible for the current generation. The reasons being the Internet and smartphones. With the ease provided through these vital means, one can compete even in professional online games from the comfort of their homes.

Who Are Professional Gamers?

Often, the general crowd confuses professional gamers with content creators. Professional gamers, however, are those who play for a prize, which is usually money. Thus, it can either be a hobby or even a professional career. Content creators, on the other hand, are those who play for fun and stream their live games for the entertainment of other players. Although this too, earns them money but does not rank them as a ‘professional player’.

Another common misconception is to assume that professional gamers only play through PC, PlayStation, or Xbox. Anyone from this current generation can deny this assumption with the fact that international competitions of mobile games are the most highly rising trend these days. Studies predict that they will be dominating in the years to come, as mobile companies are working to release models with high specifications that can support high graphics as well as gameplay with no lags. Here is a list of some of the best mobile games that are loved by professional gamers all over the globe:

  1. PUBG Mobile – Although this began as a basic battle game allowing squads to fight for the 1st position, it is now played competitively worldwide. There are official international tournaments wherein players from all countries come together to compete. The winner can clutch a handsome amount of money, depending on the sponsors who arrange it.
  2. Call of Duty Mobile – Another multiplayer battle game, that has been around for years, and has stayed a favorite of many ever since. It was originally launched for PC and consoles, but the mobile version was then launched in the October of 2019. It instantly shot to fame, and in no time, became a global competition attracting international professional players.
  3. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – If you are into fantasy characters competing in a battle and destroying one another’s bases to win, this game is exactly for you. Having gained worldwide popularity, the game holds one of the biggest e-sport tournaments with huge sums of money awarded as a prize to the winning teams.
  4. Critical Ops – For those who love playing Counter-Strike but are saddened over the fact that it is not compatible with mobile devices, this game is a great alternate. This 3D multiplayer shooting game holds international tournaments, and while the prize money is not too high, it is always thrilling to win at a global competition.

Mobile Gaming vs. PC Gaming

PC gaming easily dominated the e-sports sector earlier in the years, with games like Counter-Strike and DOTA hosting massive competitions and offering huge prize money. Yet, the past few years have noticed a rise in mobile gaming, with their increased RAM size and advanced processors that easily allow gameplay almost as smooth as the PC version. Some other major benefits of mobiles over PC are:

  • Mobiles are portable, thus making it convenient to play our favourite games anywhere. They consume less energy and of course, lesser space than the PC set-ups.
  • Mobile phones are way cheaper as compared to PC set-ups, and require less maintenance as well.
  • If needed, they can be played on monitors too just by simply plugging the mobiles into docking stations.

Even so, each way has its own sets of pros and cons. Mobiles may provide a lot of ease, but they can not beat the professionalism and high specifications of a PC. This is why PC gaming tournaments still offer the highest amount of prize money, as with DOTA 2 and Call of Duty. Hence, it is entirely up to the preferences and skills of a gamer to determine if he/she should choose to play on PCs or mobile phones.

Professional Online Gambling

The outbreak of COVID-19 had devastating results. It not only compelled us to stay locked inside but also forced our favorite hangout spots to close, including casinos. While the news came as extremely despairing at first, the Internet came to the rescue, offering online versions of our favorite gambling games, pokers, and slot machines. This eventually gave rise to the already existing world of online gambling, allowing casino fans to enjoy the realistic gaming experience from the comfort of their coziest couches.

Online gambling games, however, come as either web-based or ones that we can download on our devices. Both the options then further provide either free games or paid ones at the pay by mobile casino sites. With the increasing popularity of online casinos and slot machines, it is easy to say that the future will hold official international tournaments for online gambling as well, and perhaps these gamblers will be professional online gamers as well.