The American West has truly made a lot of actors famous. It has also made a lot of writers rich too. It has also inspired children on the playground but, yet, video game creators have often avoided using it as a concept. That all changed when Rockstar brought out Red Dead Redemption. It’s the GTA of the Wild West, and it has set a new bar for open-world adventures.

Ahead of its Time?

It’s incredibly tempting to say that RDR is way ahead of its time, but that’s not really true. In fact, it’s a game for the times. Rockstar have shown time and time again that they can hold a mirror up to the society we have and remind us that hot button topics such as immigration, government power and racism are not new. In fact, they have been deeply ingrained for quite some time. They are all forces, regardless of how negative or positive they are, that have shaped the country into what it is right now. That’s what makes RDR so good.

In the Shoes of John Marston

Red Dead Redemption puts you in the shoes of John Marston. He’s an outlaw who has gone straight and is now finding history catching up with him. Those who might have been his friends are now his enemies, and they have left him alone fighting for his future. The storyline takes place over a countryside that straddles the edge of the US and Mexico border. You’ll spill blood as you complete missions to try and set things straight. With fantastic voice acting and top-notch dialogue, it’s safe to say that you’ll be able to meet, assist and of course, support others.

The Main Story

The main story will take you around 20 hours to complete. There is so much to do that at times, you may find it very hard to focus on one thing. Herding cattle? Breaking horses? Playing casino games? It’s all very exciting. You will also be able to play poker and horseshoes. Of course, if you love to play casino games online as well as in RPGs, then sites like Bonusninja are specialised to reviewing casinos. In the game you will also be able to place bets like you would online, and this makes the whole concept that bit more real and exciting. When you get fully absorbed in the game you may find that you end up spending hours trying to track down the parts of an outfit for Marston, or that you simply try to hunt down wild game or pick herbs. The community online gives you even more reasons to play through the game again. If you want a game that will keep you occupied for months, this is it.

Adapting to your Fame

As you start to make a true name for yourself, the Red Dead Redemption game will adapt to the fame you have. You will have to make decisions regarding your ethics and your general morality. If you want to be a salty drunk, that’s fine. On the flip side, you may prefer to be much more honourable. There’s a legal system that will keep you in check, but you can easily choose to take the high road. The morality system gives you a lot of freedom and then rewards you when you decide to explore it.

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of…Gunfire?

The world feels very alive. You may find that there could be something happening around every turn. Birds will come shooting out of the bushes and your horse will thunder by. You may look up to see people shooting at you from the hills, or bandits who are hiding, waiting for you to approach the next bend. As if that wasn’t enough, there could even be a bear who is waiting to bring you to your knees.

Welcome to the Wild West

Ultimately, what is most impressive about this game is just how fun it is for you to hop on your horse and just take off. Red Dead Redemption is a fantastic game and the attention to detail is nothing short of incredible. The colour palette is fantastic, and you may find that the sunsets are breath-taking. Ride out and see this world for yourself. You will feel as though you have been teleported to the Wild West and all of the interactive elements really help to bring this game together. Of course, if you have not played this game yet then you certainly should. It’s an incredible game to say the least and it is one that you certainly will not regret playing. You can buy it for the Xbox or the Playstation if you prefer to have the console experience, or you can play it on the PC if you’d much rather opt for this style of play.