Gambling has always been a lucrative venture, but only to those who are disciplined at it, and who play by the rules. Are you starting out in gambling?

The best online casino Canada according to recent reviews accommodates some big names of gamblers who have shined in various gambling events and tournaments over the years. The Canadian gambling market share currently stands at $14 billion dollars. Read on to find out about some of the most famous Canadian gamblers and their areas of gambling specialization.

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel is a professional player with a specialization in poker. The player started out at a young age and gambled his way to stardom through the years.

In his gambling career, the Canadian national has won several World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets, not to mention other gambling titles. Additionally, the famous gambler has been on several poker TV shows just to prove how talented of a player he is.

Evelyn Ng

Gambling is majorly associated with men, but there are women like Evelyn Ng who have beaten all odds to shine in this old activity as well. Gambling is not gender sensitive, meaning that anyone can thrive as long as they are passionate about it.

Born in Toronto back in 1975, Evelyn has registered tremendous success in both online and brick and mortar casinos. Her expertise lies in poker and blackjack, which she grew interest in at a younger age of 17. Annie Kathy of America is among women who Evelyn has beaten in poker tournaments. Her talent saw her bag sponsorship deals from PokerStars and Bodog gaming companies.

Gavin Smith

Smith was a cab driver before gambling came calling. The Ontario born player is exceptionally good in live poker where he has won him some WSOP bracelets.

He has also won several TexasHold’em poker tournaments. Gavin is believed to have earned more than $5,300,000 from his many winnings, not including the money he has made from his several TV appearances.

Michael McDonald

Born in 1989 in Ontario, Canada, Michael is one of the youngest Canadian gamblers of his time. He is listed 3rd among Canadian gamblers who have made earnings of more than $10,000,000 from poker tournaments.

He is good at both live and online poker, so good that he is reported to have made over $300,000 before he was of legal gambling age.

Guy Laliberte

Guy was born in Quebec in 1959. What made Guy stand out in his gambling career was his contribution to charity. His gambling defining moment came in 2007 after he won $696,220 in a poker tournament at Las Vegas’s Bellagio hotel.

During the 2012 World Series of Poker, Guy, together with other players, made a huge donation of $5 million to the One Drop Foundation charity.


The listed names prove that gambling is one of the quickest lucrative ways of making money, but passion and practice need to be involved. The global gambling market share total was at $450 billion back in 2016, an indication that gambling is a thriving and lucrative industry.

The figures are without a doubt higher than that in 2020, especially now that more people have turned to online gambling during the Covid19 pandemic.