It’s easy to get stuck in a routine. Get up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, watch some Netflix, go to bed; then get up the next day and repeat. If you do get stuck in that kind of rut, sometimes you just have to blast yourself out of it by doing an activity that’s hair-raising and seat-of-the-pants exciting, and puts the rest of it into boring perspective.

If that sounds like exactly how you need to spend next weekend, here are five activities that should prove that inside all of us there’s an adrenaline junky just waiting to get out (preferably by bungee jumping).

1.    Parachute Jump/Skydiving

The only reason you should find to jump out of a perfectly good airplane (or helicopter). Obviously, nobody in their right mind should hurl themselves out at over 4,000 feet without some form of instruction, so before you go for the real adrenaline rush you should go on several practice or assisted jumps (where you’re strapped to a pro all the way down).

If you need to dip your toe in the water first, you could get the feel by trying out indoor skydiving.

2.    Rafting

If you have some pals who are also looking for some extreme escapism, then rafting could be for you. Shooting down miles of white water in an unsinkable boat should tick all of the boxes for an adrenaline junky, especially once you realize that the boat may unsinkable, but you aren’t.

You’ll also find out more about how you work as a team with your friends and you’ll bond much more firmly than you ever would at one of those work outings.

3.    Bobsleighing

If you were excited about jumping out of a plane, how about hurtling down an icy slope in a bathtub? It might get dressed up as being more than this, but that is basically what a bobsleigh ride is. You’ll be reaching speeds of up to 75mph but you won’t be allowed to steer, as that is done by a professional (probably for the best).

If that sounds like the key to your adrenaline rush, this could be the best 40 seconds of your life.

4.    Dog sledding

If bobsleighing doesn’t float your boat, how about rushing through the snow at a slightly more sedate pace, being pulled by a team of dogs? This is a real ‘at-one-with-the-elements’ adventure and you’ll be on your own, with just your new furry friends for company.

All these activities involve an element of danger, and despite the best precautions, accidents do happen. So, what else can you do for excitement if you’re spending weeks indoors with your leg in plaster?

5.    Online gaming

No, this doesn’t mean donning a headset and playing Call of Duty, it means playing a game such as online poker (which you must have seen before) or high limit slots. If you haven’t seen these types of game, they are like normal slots but you decide your stake, which you’ll agree, will give you a definite rush. Before you wager high level slots you can often play free versions to get your eye in.

So, regardless of whether you’re seeking your thrills indoors with the indoor skydiving or online gaming; or outdoors on the water, snow, or falling from the sky—you’ll see there are high-adrenaline activities for everyone.

Never again will you need to go into work on Monday morning, and when asked how your weekend was, say ‘well, same as usual.’