Every year, I try to see as many new release films as I can. I rank everything as I go so that, when it’s all said and done, I can publish a list that completely encapsulates my experience of the year in film. Usually I run this series through the first few months of the new year, spreading it out and writing at least a sentence or two about each film. But this year I just want to get my rankings out there so I can move on into 2020. I also published lists of my favourite films, tv, and theatre of the decade which you can check out HERE (two 2019 films made the cut; they’re not the ones you think). So here you go, the earliest but also least elaborated-upon My Cinematic rankings ever…

Standard Disclaimer So You Don’t Yell At Me:
This Is Not A List Of the Best Films Of the Year. This is not a definitive ranking based on some sort of arbitrary but generally agreed upon criteria for “quality”. Though my opinion is swayed by artistic merit, it’s not completely defined by it and I do not care at all if your cinematography is brilliant if none of your characters are worth rooting for. I like what I like. Sometimes that’s a brilliantly made film, sometimes it’s a decent adaptation of something I already love, sometimes it’s the Backstreet Boys documentary (actually, I was really disappointed in the Backstreet Boys documentary but we’ve already talked about this). I think criticism is most effective when readers seek out writers who share their taste rather than expecting all critics to reach some sort of group-think consensus on what’s “best”. So I’m telling you what I liked most (and what I liked least, and what I thought of everything in between) in 2019, subjectively, because subjective is all any of us can ever really be.

Okay, here we go:

1. Avengers: Endgame

2. Isn’t It Romantic?

3. Booksmart

4. Mouthpiece

5. Little Women

6. Waves

7. Jojo Rabbit

8. Parasite

9. Queen & Slim

10. 1917

11. Long Shot

12. Fighting with my Family

13. Rocketman

14. Late Night

15. Peanut Butter Falcon

16. Spider-Man: Far From Home

17. Harriet

18. Long Time Coming

19. Judy

20. Honey Boy

21. Knives Out

22. Family

23. Just Mercy

24. The Souvenir

25. The Farewell

26. The Last Black Man in San Francisco

27. Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

28. Marriage Story

29. Paddleton

30. The Lion King

31. Wild Rose

32. Little Woods

33. Tolkien

34. Hotel Mumbai

35. Always Be My Maybe

36. The Two Popes

37. Bombshell

38. The Laundromat

39. The King

40. Motherless Brooklyn

41. Stockholm

42. Glass

43. Tea with the Dames

44. Lucy in the Sky

45. Maze

46. Shazam!

47. Frozen 2

48. Changeland

49. The Public

50. What Am I Without You?

51. Little

52. Hobbes & Shaw

53. Hustlers

54. Non-Fiction

55. MIB International

56. Captain Marvel

57. Toy Story 4

58. The Sound of Silence

59. Stan & Ollie

60. Unicorn Store

61. Us

62. The Aftermath

63. Best of Enemies

64. Dumbo

65. Poms

66. Brittany Runs a Marathon

67. Ode to Joy

68. Giant Little Ones

69. The White Crow

70. Ford vs. Ferrari

71. Wine Country

72. Someone Great

73. Fyre

74. The Grizzlies

75. Tomorrow Man

76. Blinded by the Light

77. A Dog’s Way Home

78. Ad Astra

79. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

80. Richard Jewell

81. The Hustle

82. Yesterday

83. Detective Pikachu

84. The Hummingbird Project

85. Five Feet Apart

86. A Christmas Love Story

87. Last Christmas

88. The Sun is Also a Star

89. Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy

90. Funny Story

91. Gloria Bell

92. The Goldfinch

93. The River You Step In

94. After the Wedding

95. The Irishman

96. Hot Summer Nights

97. Aladdin

98. Stand!

99. Missing Link

100. The Perfect Date

101. All Summer Long

102. Winter Castle

103. Flip That Romance

104. Cats

105. Tall Girl

106. Picture a Perfect Christmas

107. Joker

108. No Time Like Christmas

109. Love Under the Rainbow

110. Boy Band