Welcome to home base for our 2018 Awards Season!

The Full Details…

The Nominees
The 2018 Cinema Award Nominees
The 2018 TV Award Nominees
The 2018 Theatre Award Nominees: Toronto

The Party
We announced the winners of the theatre awards at an exclusive bash in Toronto on April 15th, hosted by our amazing 2017 Solo Performance winner Pearle Harbour with the help of her steadfast music director Steven Conway, and featuring music from our signature band Hand-Picked Favourites.

The Winners
The 2018 Cinema Award Winners
The 2018 TV Award Winners
The 2018 Theatre Award Winners: Toronto

The Nominee Interview Series
Every year between the Nomination Announcements and the Awards Ceremony, we interview as many of the nominated artists as we can. Click on the link above to read all of this year’s interviews.