Girls - Home BirthThe girls on Girls are finally growing up! We’ve waited four long seasons, but we finally saw some huge changes in the girls during the Girls season finale “Home Birth.”

First, we’ll start with Shoshanna. Shoshanna finally got a job offer! The problem? It was in Tokyo. And Shoshonna was getting really serious with the guy form the soup company. He begged her to stay, saying that he was almost in love with her, and even offered her a job. But Shoshonna talked to Ray’s boss at the coffee shop and he told her to lean in. So Shoshonna decided to go to Tokyo. I really liked the guy that Shoshonna was with, but I am so excited to see Shoshonna in Tokyo if she does end up there. I think she’ll kill it while Jessa said she’d make a great Geisha. And who knows? Maybe that guy will wait for her like Ray’s boss said. Somehow I doubt it though.

Marnie even did some growing up too. After Ray completely tore Desi apart, Desi didn’t show up to their gig. The music executive kept saying he hoped Desi didn’t die, which was hilarious. But it forced Marnie to go out and perform on her own. And of course she did wonderfully and of course Ray was right there. We’ll have to see what happens between Marnie, Desi, and Ray next season, but I’m hoping she stays single for a while. Either way, hopefully Marnie’s starting to see her relationship with Desi for what it really is. But Marnie’s biggest achievement was going out on that stage alone and proving that she can do this herself.

The biggest part of “Home Birth,” though, was obviously the home birth. Caroline went into labor and demanded to have a home birth while Hannah, Adam and Jessa watched in horror. Caroline and Laird are always amazing together, and this just took things to the next level.

Hannah, Jessa, and Adam were all there trying to get them to go to the hospital, which Caroline adamantly refused, not wanting to be a part of the birth industrial complex. Jessa yelled at Laird and told him to be a man and they ultimately carried a screaming Caroline through the streets of Brooklyn to the hospital.

They named their baby Jessa-Hannah Bluebell Poem Schessinger Sacker, which is just the best name. And even Jessa made a big step in Girls. Jessa found direction and realized that she wants to be a therapist after she helped Caroline and Laird.

Then there’s Hannah. After the birth, Hannah and Adam had a heart-to-heart and Adam told Hannah that he wanted her back. It was hard and emotional, but Hannah said she couldn’t get back together again. Six months later, Hannah and Fran were together, which I love. Fran is just a good guy and I think he’ll be great for Hannah.

Of course, there were still Hannah’s parents, who are doing no better than before. Hannah’s mom went on and on about her destroyed life while her dad was sitting right there. It was super awkward and we’ll just have to see what happens with them next season.

Overall, I thought “Home Birth” was a great season finale and each of the girls finally made some serious steps in their lives. I had been worried that it would be more of the same this season, but the finale proved me wrong.