Earns NetflixListed below are the category changes, and, my two cents on each change, is it a good thing or bad thing?

* Producers can also petition for a certain category in Limited Series versus Drama. They can also petition their placement.

– A comedy series will now be defined as a program that clocks in at 30 minutes or less.

They should call this the “we want to award Modern Family a 6th Best Comedy Series” award. Just kidding, I like this award, and if the Emmy Awards are going to stick to their guns with placement, shows like Shameless and Orange is the New Black will be placed in Drama where they belong.

I think this will help Parks and Recreation score a much deserved nomination for its last season. Can you imagine if it won?

If there are exceptions to the rule, or exceptions should be made, they are for shows like Jane the Virgin, which is clearly a comedy. I have a feeling Orange is the New Black will be grandfathered in, but I think this will prevent future shows from skirting the system, and making the Emmy Awards look foolish. Note the hilarious Margaret Cho joke at the Golden Globes. “Also I think that Orange is the New Black should be in Drama category, because you know it’s funny but not haha funny.” Good point!

My other question is what about shows like The Comeback which often had longer episodes, will they use the shows basic time length, and how will this work? The Comeback, like Jane, is a comedy. Will The Comeback be in the comedy categories? If HBO is smart that is where they will place it.

-The drama and comedy categories will include seven nominees, up from six nominees.

Unlike the Oscars this voting is easier, and I am fine with them adding one more nominee, ties have happened, and the Academy must have seen fringe shows just barely missing. I think this will provide opportunities for shows like The Americans and Parks and Recreation to get into the mix. There are also more shows than ever before, and I think the amount of nominees should be proportional.

– Drama and Comedy series are defined as telling ongoing stories in runs of at least six episodes.

Makes sense!

– To attain a Guest Actor/Actress nomination, a performer must appear in less than 50 percent of a program’s episodes.

-Someone like Joe Morton should not have won for Scandal last year, maybe this year because he has been in so few episodes, but Morton was part of the cast last season. The same could be said for Allison Janney’s win for Masters of Sex. The one change I wish they would have made was removing SNL Hosts from the Comedy Guest Acting categories.

-The Miniseries category has been renamed Limited Series, now defined as a “complete, non-recurring story” told in at least two episodes totaling at least 150 minutes. Further, a Limited Series must feature “no ongoing story lines or main characters” in any subsequent seasons.

I will take credit for this! On June 19th, 2014 I wrote a piece about this, here is the piece, and they kind of did exactly what I said/wanted the Emmy Awards to do.

– The Variety Series category has been split in two: Variety Talk (to be handed out during the big show) and Variety Sketch (to be awarded at the Creative Arts ceremony).

I think this split makes sense too, how do you compare SNL to The Daily Show, or The Tonight Show to Key and Peele. There aren’t as many Variety Sketch Programs, but I would be happy if they made a comeback.

My only negative thought on the split is that Emmy voters can be lazy and SNL will clearly run away with the sketch prize, which it does not deserve anymore.

Overall not much to complain about, I like to see the Emmy Awards work toward refining their system.