big-brother-buttonThe final few weeks of Big Brother are inevitably a bit boring. At this point there are so few people left in the house that not much really happens. The competitions become the main attraction of each episode because most of the strategy is done. This season, the brains behind Big Brother decided to spice things up by adding a last minute twist which will ultimately play out to make this week worthless.

Well done Big Brother. You’ve created another awful twist.

Last week Julie introduced a reset button to the audience and vaguely explained what it meant. Essentially, if the button was pushed the entire week would reset and everyone would compete for HOH, thereby invalidating the entire week’s events. What Julie didn’t explain was exactly how the button worked. My assumption was they would somehow tease the houseguests about the reset, but that didn’t happen. Instead, the have-not room was transformed and the button appeared with no explanation other than that the choice was theirs. The houseguests debated and all of the idiots decided to press the button (with the exception of Derrick who continues to play the game 100% of the time). After pressing the button as a unified group (Derrick did so begrudgingly), a countdown appeared. Frankie, who had previously won HOH, nominated Coby and Victoria and the pointless episode ended.*

It didn’t matter who Frankie nominated. It doesn’t matter who wins veto on Tuesday. It doesn’t matter if Derrick works some crazy magic and somehow manages to get Caleb nominated and targeted (which would maybe be wise for him since Derrick’s two closest allies are on the block). Nothing really matters because come Wednesday, both nominees will be safe and a new HOH will be crowned. Such a wasted week.

But, I should admit one thing: I’m okay with it given the circumstances. Had anyone but Frankie won HOH, I would be a bit more annoyed. Frankie is just gradually becoming more and more annoying as the season progresses. He’s cocky, he’s becoming mean, he’s way too in love with himself, and his sparkly nail polish bothers me. Part of me hopes Frankie tries a big move to evict Cody/Derrick this week, and all of me hopes that Derrick/Coby wins the next HOH and finally boots Frankie. He continues to play a decent game and he continues to dominate competitions, but Frankie needs to go.
There’s a small light at the end of the reset-button tunnel, and that light is a reflection off of Frankie’s glitter as he (hopefully) exits the house next week.

*Okay, so it was not an entirely pointless episode since we got to see Jeff propose to Jordan! I recently re-read an article I wrote about Jordan’s win and remembered why she continues to be one of my favorite houseguests (even lacking strategy). She basically was America’s Sweetheart, or the closest we’ll get in the Big Brother world, and I’m glad her and Jeff are still going strong. Also, I cried. A good amount. I’m a sucker for reality TV romance success stories, and I’m a sucker for anyone who brings a dog to an engagement.