The Olympics are finally upon us and as the Opening Ceremonies wrap up in London, we thought we’d share with you our favourite bit of pre-Olympic coverage so far.

Just a second- truth time.

My name is Kelly, and I don’t know anything about sports (shocker, I know). Actually, that’s not entirely true- I know my baseball and can hold my own in a discussion about golf (not that I have many discussions about golf), but that’s about it. Other than the fact that I’ll be blindly cheering for Canada, I don’t have any thoughts or feelings to share with you as we finally start the Main Event.

But I do have one skill that serves me well in Olympic time. Well, it’s not exactly a skill so much as a trait. Okay, it’s my general boy-craziness, I’m truly pathetic about it. So I’m giving up on whatever straight-faced professionalism I pretend to have while reviewing things like Shakespeare and HBO to share with you the excellent fun of gazing at handsome guys.

Straight guys and gay girls- turn back now, this won’t be as amusing for you as it will be for the rest of us.

I’m not usually one for athletes (give me glasses, give me sweaters, give me film majors and theatre nerds and tv addicts please!) but this tumbler list Made My Day. Yes, it features 50 international hotties, but it’s also Hilarious with great quips like “The Ryan Gosling of the German swim team. (And he knows it, or there wouldn’t be moody black-and-white photos of him peeling off his scanties.)” and  “This guy almost certainly grew the goatee to make up for his way-too-pretty eyes”. My favourite is Venezuela’s Ruben Limardo (pictured above) because of his accompanying caption: “One of three unexpectedly sexy fencers on this list. Sorry, fencers; I just didn’t know you were sexy.”

CLICK HERE FOR “Hotlympics: The Hunks of London 2012” 

Enjoy, and Happy Olympics!