Sometimes my beloved Stratford Festival has the greatest marketing strategies ever. I’m not sure if this will actually sell any tickets that wouldn’t have otherwise been sold, but it makes me incredibly giddy, and that’s something at least.

Watch Hero and Claudio from the 2012 season’s Much Ado About Nothing spout Shakespeare’s most famous love scene (Romeo and Juliet‘s Act II scene II- The Balcony Scene), retold as a modern coffee house love story at Balzacs in The Distillery. The oh-so-appropriate locale (Balzacs Coffee got its start in Stratford and now has locations near all three of Ontario’s major repertory festivals) fits the scene beautifully with its balcony-like window looking down upon an antique-ish espresso bar, and the choice of actors is superb- Bethany Jillard (whom I simply can’t praise enough) plays Juliet with wonderful sweetness and Tyrone Savage proves that he’s greatly grown since I last saw his Romeo at Canopy Theatre a few years ago.

The actors will play similarly innocent, ill-timed lovers in Much Ado this season and this adorable preview is ever so welcome.