30 Rock this week.


Aaron Sorkin and Tina Fey (Liz Lemon) sit at a conference table waiting for interview with Nick Lachey to work on the NBC reality competition show The Sing Off.


Sorkin: You here for the Sing Off gig?

Fey: Yeah, do I know you?

Sorkin: You know my work. Walk with me.

They stand and begin a classic Schlamme walk and talk

Sorkin: I’m Aaron Sorkin- The West Wing, A Few Good Men, The Social Network

Fey: Studio 60?

Sorkin: Shut up. Do you know Nick Lachey? I hear he doesn’t even let you sit in the meeting, he just screams at you to see how you react.

Fey: But you’re not really applying for this job are you?

Sorkin: Of course I am. You’ve gotta take work where you can find it. Especially now, our craft is dying while people are playing Angry Birds and poking each other on Facebook. What is poking anyway? And why won’t anybody do it to me? I’m cool.

Fey: So it’s really that bad out there. I mean, you’re Aaron Sorkin… speaking of Angry Birds, do you know how to beat 11.4? It’s just a red guy and a green guy.

Sorkin: Key is do not use the green guy as a boomerang.

Sorkin sits back down at the conference table.

Fey: Did we just go in a circle?

Sorkin: Listen lady, (a gender I write extremely well if the story calls for it) this is serious. We make horse buggies and the first model T just rolled into town.

Fey: We’re dinosaurs.

Sorkin: We don’t need two metaphors, that’s bad writing, not that it matters.

An assistant walks in

Assistant: Mr. Sorkin, Mr. Lachey will see you now.

Sorkin gets up and enters the office, buttoning his jacket like Leon when he enters the oval office.

Sorkin: Mr. Lachey- huge fan, huge fan, I have all your albums…