That man. The one who put me on edge for 2 straight hours tonight. The guy, with the mustache and the barely human instincts. That person who threatened the life of so many characters I care about, filled the screen with cold hatred and spilled more blood than I’d seen in entire seasons of Grey’s Anatomy before this episode.

That was Ron Butterfield (Michael O’Neill), the head of President Bartlett’s secret service (The West Wing). That was the same guy who protected our guys at Rosslyn, got the president in the car and laughed off a bullet to the hand. He’s the guy who brought Zoe home safe, never took a spec of credit and, in every possible way, stood in front of the bullet.

Oh, the horrifying irony of Hollywood. It’s the abusive husband from Dexter becoming the god-like guardian of the Lost island. It’s The OC‘s bad boy showing up as a rookie cop in Southland. It’s the golden-hearted/socially awkward David Fisher turning around to be Dexter‘s charismatic serial killer or Aaron Paul simultaneously playing a devout Mormonand a drug dealer. It’s the horrifying irony of careers that do not end with series finales. Sometimes the guy who stood in front of the bullet becomes the guy who fired it.