1) Nigel announced who the female hip hop master is going to be for the SYTYCD All-Star pool and it’s the least surprising news since he announced the male hip hopper (Twitch). It’s season 4’s Comfort Fedoke, the best female popper the show’s ever seen from easily its best hip hop season.

2) I’m pretty sure I hate Survivor. After last week’s travesty of a vote I was semi-sure I hate Survivor but now with my other favourite gone, Jerri completely coasting and the heroes (the 5 who stepped up to cushion the blow last week a little) threatening to be fooled by misinterpreting the villain tribe dynamics, I’m sure that I hate Survivor, or at least this season. Even if the promo for next week is a red herring (which, let’s face it CBS, it probably is), the heroes still aren’t proving their smarts along with their skills the way they should. And the villains, oh boy. The only one who seems to see through Russell is Sandra, whom I also can’t stand so where does that leave me? Hey Jerri, step up! Your perfect man just got the boot because you made a mistake last week and couldn’t recover and make a big move to save him. This week’s episode was actually painful to watch. Not only was useless/snarky skeletor saved elimination (again, DON’T TALK BACK TO JEFF!) with my beloved crazyman Coach going in her place but ho bag queen Bee still thinks she’s ruling the roost even though it’s actually her hillbilly man-toy calling the shots, it took quite a lot of restraint to not hurl things at the TV every time her gloating little snicker showed up. I really just want this to be over so we can get to the reunion episode and see Rob again- is that weird?

3) In happier reality news, The Amazing Race is still progressing as the best season since Nick and Starr took the top prize; Project Runway sent exactly the right 2 people to Bryant Park (go Seth Aaron!) and is forcing a showdown between 2 others (go Mila, I don’t like you but I REALLY don’t like Jay) which is superfun; I don’t watch American Idol regularly but know that the best competitors (Crystal Bowesox!) are holding their own, the worst are being eliminated steadily and the judges heroically stepped in when America tried to vote off the wrong guy this week.

Now back to ACTUAL reality.