My never ending love for How I Met Your Mother not withstanding, I was actually surprised by the physical relief and nostalgia I felt the second I heard those familiar chords. HIMYM is home to me, and the season premier didn’t disappoint in bringing me back there.
Every time Barney and Robin did their little talking at the same time thing, I don’t know why, but my heart melted*. It’s a nice gag that also belies how right for each other these two emotionally retarded people are. Neil Patrick Harris and Coby Smulders are so good at playing these characters it’s almost ridiculous. I like that the show isn’t backing away from what they’re doing with these two, but at the same time are still being honest with who these characters are, because no matter where they go with us, I’m pretty sure the only way it could disappoint me is if they wimp out. Or if Robin got pregnant.
On top of that, I love evil manipulative Lily. The image of Alyson Hannigan, looking amazing post-baby by the by, lounging in her chair, holding the broken doorknob, is enough to cure any sort of blues. And I like when Marshall has to back her up on her evil schemes (“Hi guys.” was one of the most brilliant line readings of all time).

Professor Ted (yes, Ted, I spell-checked it. It is one “f”) was both spot-on and hilarious. I like that they integrated him into the A-story about Barney and Robin (and that he and Barney have tuxedo nights), while still letting the mother-related plotline breath on its own. And wow Ted’s douchey professor act was one of my favorite douchey ted moments of all time. And not just because it sort of reminded me of my life.

Random greatness:

  • They bought Ted a hat and a whip to start teaching, where are my good friends to buy me a hat and whip? On second thought… maybe it’s a good thing I don’t have a weapon in school with me.
  • “Just once I wish you guys would call me on tuxedo night.” (Marshall, who mostly played comic one-line-guy in this episode)
  • “I’m always punching guys. Girls. I’ll punch a baby, I don’t care.” (Barney, on why punching Brad was no big deal.)
  • “Unless I say fluggelhorn, you haven’t gone too far.” (Robin, on her and Barney’s safe word)
  • “We’re Barnman and Robin.” (I like to think Robin came up with this, but it was just on one of the notes passed under the door)
  • “T-dawg, you’re in the wrong room bro.”
  • “Hey Ted, door five!”
  • “Didn’t we meet on a yacht?” (Marshall in his tuxedo)

*SIDE NOTE TO PRODUCERS OF GOSSIP GIRL: Although I enjoyed my return to the world of bitchy NYC last week, THIS is how you do the conclusion of a “will they or wont they relationship that powered most of last season, even in episodes that shouldn’t have been as good as they are.” Not with creepy kinky sex stuff. Although that’s okay too.