Nico Archambault and Natalli Reznik

My 2 favourite So You Think You Can Dance Canada contestants. Both beautiful technicians with spunk, drive and lots of fire and heart. Nico I’ve loved since his very first audition. Natalli, on the other hand, was the surprise of the season for me. She was originally my least favourite of all the Top 20 dancers but she proved to be more than I thought she was and she quickly changed my mind (not an easy thing to do).



It’s been on the list for years but I’ve never actually gotten around to watching Firefly. My friend Tim bought me the DVD for my birthday last year and it sat on the shelf. Until last week. And now that I’ve started I can’t figure out what was keeping me from diving into another masterpiece from the genius that is Joss Whedon. I’m about half way through and apart from expressing my love for every character I would especially like to say: I LOVE SIMON! That is all.