Summer Robertsshe’s tough and feisty and independent and funny and caring and smart in ways that are not immediately obvious, and she loves Seth. I just finished season 3 and she may be, at this moment, my favourite OCcharacter. She’s the onion of the show.

Big Brother Episode 28 “swim club”, “late night”, “Renny’s impressions”, “Keesha’s Birthday”, “Ollie and the Birds”. The best of the best in laughing at other people. Also the final HouseCalls of the season, featuring Dan and Memphis is great- they seem very genuine and are a lot of fun.

Lenka’s Music Video “The Show”– available online at It’s just so cute.

The Princess Bridemy friend Sean had never seen the whole thing so what better to do at 1 in the morning that fix that. This movie is just so great, every time. Those Savage boys were the cutest things ever (Fred stars in this and The Wonder Years while his brother Ben was Cory Matthews), all Wesleys are perfect and Rob Reiner does not often make movies I don’t like.