17 December 2007

Top TV Moments of 2007

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-Justin in West Side Story while Hilda finds out about Santos’ death on the season 1 finale of Ugly Betty.

-Pam walks on hot coals and confesses her feelings in The Office then Jim asking her out in the finale.

-The Walkers jumping in the pool in the finale of Brothers & Sisters

-Danny’s “We are the Champions” solo and the crowd/judges/his family reaction on So You Think You Can Dance

-Betty coming to Henry’s door to the sounds of “Defying Gravity” in the Wicked episode of Ugly Betty

-Charlie’s death in the Lost finale

-Michael and Sara kiss on the train in Prison Break

-Bree gets a BBQ fork stuck in her fake pregnancy belly on Desperate Housewives

-the prop guys walk out for Allison Janney’s episode within an episode on Studio 60 (and her and Tim Busfield are on screen together again)

-Barney on The Price is Right on HIMYM

-the HIMYM wedding

-The HIMYM hot/crazy scale

-Barney’s play to get back at Lily in HIMYM “moist”

-Michael telling Toby he can’t go to The Office beach party

-Stewie and Brian’s intro to the Emmys

-Meredith helping Christina out of her wedding dress in the finale of Greys

-Sophia’s 50,000$ and Zach’s 20,000$ gold stars on Kid Nation


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