The world of online casinos may seem somewhat detached from the world of sports, and soccer in particular, but the fact remains that there are many bridges thrown across the two segments. You may play roulette online while watching a major event such as the Paris Olympics or UEFA EURO 2024 without an issue or failing that try the sportsbook that a casino often features, with hundreds of bets available for soccer events.


But besides roulette free play online, there is a growing relationship between the casino industry and soccer sponsorships. Clubs are actually being backed up by prominent casino brands, which are more than happy to have their logos displayed on player shirts. It serves numerous purposes too.

Why Is the Casino Industry Building Soccer Sponsorships?

There are many good reasons why the casino industry has turned to the world of sports and soccer in particular. For one, soccer is hands down the most played, practised, and talked about sport in the world.

The game’s profile makes it ideal for promoting brands, and there have even been many good examples of casinos and sportsbooks already teaming up with the World’s Cup, UEFA EURO, and other popular formats and events, making sure that there is a meaningful relationship between the two.

Brands that run casinos usually also feature a sportsbook and they are determined to help build a strong brand awareness that allows them to significantly boost awareness for their products, even if it doesn’t lead to more money spent on the casinos or sportsbooks at first. So, what’s the main takeaway?

  • Casino brands do love to sponsor soccer clubs and players because it helps them build brand visibility
  • Individual players may also be part of a casino’s team of ambassadors, but they are usually retired
  • Soccer events use the money from casino sponsorships to strengthen the quality of the experience they bring to fans

The relationship is important for both parties, as soccer clubs and organisations are usually paid a good deal of money that they can use to improve the formats they host and bring even better value to true soccer fans.

But one question remains – is this type of partnership only struck between a club or organisation and what role do players have to play?


Casino Soccer Partnerships Are More Personal Than You Think

No, it’s not just the clubs that are striking such partnerships. In fact, there are also the players who are interested in building a solid rapport with casinos or are happy to pounce at a partnership with a sportsbook. These are usually retired players or someone who has withdrawn from competitive play but is prominent enough to be remembered by sports fans.

Players work with the casino to promote brand awareness and make it possible for more people to learn about the brand. There are fun activations and social media promos, special bonuses and more.

It’s a very natural collaboration that transcends game segments and verticals and squarely focuses on establishing a stronger rapport with the sports community in general.


Are These Partnerships Popular All Over the World?

The simple answer is yes, they are. Soccer partnerships in the casino industry are rather common, but depending on where they take place, they may have some specific restrictions, because of local regulations.

Some countries allow for such partnerships to be struck without much of red tape, but others are rather more demanding and exacting when it comes to establishing a promotional relationship between a soccer player or a club and a casino.

For the most part, there are clear guidelines that are rather easy to follow, which means that companies and players who are interested in this kind of rapport won’t have much trouble at all.

So far as the red tape is concerned, players need to be retired and not be popular with certain age groups, usually those who are not of the legal gambling age. This way, regulators hope that they can protect young people while also allowing the casino industry and soccer players to work on projects together and increase their respective brand awareness.

Still in doubt? Just take a closer look at who sponsors some of the bigger soccer events, and you are bound to find the logo of at least one casino.