Canadians are known for their maple syrup, kind nature and strong abilities in sport. There is one sport, however, that supersedes all other sports and this is ice hockey. If you are looking for some entertainment the next time you’re in the great country of Canada or even if you live there and are keen to see something spectacular, then look no further than a captivating ice hockey game. What Canada sportsbook bonus ice hockey has become for the nation is a true cherry on top to an otherwise already fantastic country.


The Thrill of the Match

Ice hockey is a fast-paced and aggressive yet majestic and magnetic sport. It’s highly captivating to watch, as you see strong athletes balancing their 200 pounds of muscles on thin sheets of metal at the bottom of their shoes so that they balance on ice.

When you enter the ice rink, you will already feel the buzz of the match. Once the two teams come up and the first puck is dropped, it’s game time. There are 6 players on a team, so the puck is moving at a neck-breaking pace between 12 players. The aim is to score it at the back of the net being manned by a goalkeeper. Watching a team beautifully maneuver across the ice, lay down their attack and then manage to get the puck on target and score a goal is something you’d never have thought possible. The fact that they don’t lose the puck half the time is a miracle, let alone come up with a strategic play.


The Entertainment

Now this comes in many different forms and the delicious treats and snacks are certainly considered one of them. The divine snacks that can be bought during an ice hockey match are similar to the popcorn you buy at the cinema, a way to reduce your nerves by having something to do with your hands and a delicious addition to an otherwise already perfect night. Not to mention the hilarious mascots that also somehow manage to maneuver across the ice, even with their heavy costumes, truly defying gravity. The music played across the rink is also sure to get you and your kids off your feet and moving to the music. As if that wasn’t enough, the sound of an ice hockey player crashing against the glass (they wear thick safety outfits and helmets to avoid injury) makes for an even more thrilling experience where live action is happening right in front of you.