It’s Stanley Cup season again, and it looks like the odds are already being placed on some of the favorites and some of the outstanding outliers for this year’s championship. As if hockey wasn’t exciting enough, being able to make accurate bets on each game only raises the bar in terms of the entertainment value that this game has to offer. So let’s take a look at what some of the odds are for some of the favorites and why exactly they are favorites to begin with.


The Colorado Avalanche

The Colorado Avalanche are widely being touted as this year’s favorites for the Cup, as they’re a high performing team with an excellent player line up. On top of this, they already have 3 Stanley Cups won under the belt, which means that they’ve tasted victory many times before and know what it takes to get there.


They are known for having a very aggressive style and will doggedly hound their opponents until they secure a victory. Most reputable sportsbooks, like those on an updated list in, are putting the Avalanche’s odds of victory at around +800 so far. This is a decent indication that many are predicting them to do amazing things in the next Stanley Cup and eager fans and betting fanatics alike can only watch closely as things unfold throughout the tournament.


The Vegas Golden Knights

While Las Vegas doesn’t seem like the first place that comes to mind when we think ‘ice hockey’, the Vegas Golden Knights actually pulled off a stunner during the last Stanley Cup and came out as the winners by beating the Panthers.


While many experts aren’t quite so sure that they’re likely to pull off another victory like this during the next cup, many are placing pretty good odds on them at around +1100 and up. While it’s difficult to determine how they’ll perform at this stage in the game, they are definitely a team worth considering favorably during the cup.


Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings aren’t exactly being put forward as the team that’s likely to win this next Stanley Cup, however, as an outlier that stands some chance of performing reasonably well due to the fact that they’ve already won 11 Stanley Cups in the past.


The odds right now are anywhere from +3500 and up to around +7500 across many of the reputable sportsbooks available today. This could prove to be one of the most lucrative bets you add to your betting portfolio this season as this team is known for pulling off some pretty amazing victories.


It’s clear that a lot of fans will be watching this team avidly over the course of the next Stanley Cup, as there are a lot of hopefuls hoping to cash in on any amazing victories this team could pull off. So definitely don’t write them off just yet, as the Red Wings are a surprisingly strong team, with great team dynamics, and they have a history of winning behind them.