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Claudiu Murgan is enthralled by human consciousness and the notion of our place in the enormous wheels of the multiverse. His settings as science fiction, fantasy or eco-fiction, focus on describing the beauty of Mother Nature, who demands action from all of us. Claudiu’s experience in various industries such as IT, renewable energies, real estate and finance helped him create complex, realistic characters that bring forward meaningful messages. Claudiu is the author of three Science Fiction/Fantasy novels: The Decadence of Our Souls, Water Entanglement, and Crystal Cloud. His short stories have been published in anthologies in USA, Canada, Italy, and Romania”.


When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I remember my writing getting into a short story format at age 11. Shortly after that I consciously realized that writing could become more than a hobby.


Do you remember the first thing you ever wrote?

Yes, indeed. I was following a Sci-Fi radio show that was a novelty for communist Romania. The host, that many years later became a good friend, initiated a writing contest by presenting the audience with an initial idea. All the worthy contributors had their names mentioned live on the show. Mine was selected three times.


How did you develop your skills? 

I had the chance to rub shoulders with exceptional Romanian Science-Fiction writers and scientists while learning how to write. I didn’t register for writing courses. To me it seemed quite naturally to write, makes mistakes, absorb the constructive criticism, and continue to fill page after page with stories that bubbled out of my mind. I have to pay homage to these, now transitioned, consecrated writers that had the patience to guide several generations of ‘wannabe writers.’ Most of us today have several novels under our belt and been published in foreign languages.


Who are some of your biggest literary influences? Do you have a favourite book/author?

Even in a communist country there are censorship slippages and, now and then, a good book is translated, its ideas propagating throughout the society. Before 1989 John Fowles, Umberto Eco, Thomas Mann, Isaac Asimov and a number of Romanian writers taught me what exceptionally writing is. Later on, I’ve discovered new Sci-Fi writers such as William Gibson, Tad Williams, Robert J. Sawyer, John Brunner, China Mieville, Kim Stanley Robinson.


In the last five-six years, my reading taste has shifted a bit and I found myself leaning towards spiritual and metaphysical genres, enjoying authors like Lars Muhl, Mirabai Starr, Manly P. Hall, Dr. Joe Dispenza. But one of my favorite writers based on how they approach the plot and the writing style is Margaret Atwood. I can’t say enough about her trilogy, Madd Addam.


How would you describe your work?

I write with purpose. Either to awaken people to what it really means to be human (The Decadence of Our Souls), or to bring forward the responsibility we have to preserve life on Earth (Water Entanglement; Crystal Cloud). Labels such as Fiction/Sci-Fi/Eco-Fiction is what characterizes my writing.


What’s your writing process like?

My writing doesn’t have a rigorous schedule. I can write for several days in a row, then, take a longer break. But if inspiration hits me while in a grocery store, I’ll pull out pen and paper and start writing.

I also write short paragraphs that initially might have no connection to the novel I work on, but later on, I will integrate each one of them seamlessly in the plot.


Tell us about your most recent book. 

The most recent book is an anthology, Love Letters to Water. It gathers 34 authors from 14 countries.

A plethora of contributors from shamans to energy healers, from scientists to economists, all showing how significant of a role water plays in their life, spiritual journey, and professional development.


The global importance of water to human life cannot be overstated and it is my hope that you, the reader, will gain further insight into this essential life force via the shared thoughts of our impressive list of expert writers from around the world.


What are you working on now/next?

I am working on the third novel of the Water trilogy. The first two instalments, Water Entanglement and Crystal Cloud, were written quite close one after another, but I had no drive during the last two years. Now, I am back into the research phase and writing mood. It is written as a diary spread over a 30-year period.

From time to time, I also focus on short stories if an opportunity to be published in an anthology or magazine arise.