In October of last year, the joint competition committee approved three new rule changes that will be implemented in the upcoming 2023 MLB season. These changes include the introduction of a pitch timer, restrictions on defensive shifts, and larger bases. The main goal of these rules is to enhance the pace of play and increase on-field action, and they will be effective immediately during Spring Training games to allow for players to adjust before Opening Day.


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Furthermore, MLB conducted extensive testing of these changes, with more than 8,000 Minor League games and the independent Atlantic League serving as testing grounds before implementation.


But knowing that there are new rules applied to the MLB is not enough, take a look further down to see what is exactly changing in 2023.


Bigger Bases


In an effort to provide players with more space and prevent collisions, the traditional 15-inch square bases will be replaced with 18-inch square bases in the upcoming season, with the exception of the home plate which will remain unchanged.


While this alteration may have a minor effect on stolen-base success rates, the primary objective is to grant players additional operating room, particularly at first base. The 3-inch extension to the base allows fielders to avoid injury while receiving throws from the baserunner.


By shortening the distance between first and second base and between second base and third by 4 1/2 inches, this change may encourage more attempts at stealing bases. Additionally, the larger bases may reduce the occurrence of over sliding where players lose contact with the bag while sliding through it.


Pitch Timer


The implementation of a pitch timer rule requires a pitcher to commence his motion before the 15-second timer expires. If there is at least one runner on base, the timer is extended to 20 seconds. Additionally, there will be a 30-second timer for pitchers to prepare themselves between batters.


To avoid a penalty, pitchers are allowed to step off the rubber twice per plate appearance, which resets the clock. Further stepping off will result in a balk, unless a runner is out. The pitch clock will reset if a baserunner advances.


Batters must be in the batter’s box with a minimum of eight seconds left on the timer, and they are allowed one timeout per plate appearance.


In special cases, umpires can grant additional time if necessary, such as when the catcher needs more time to put on their gear after making the last out of an inning.


During testing in the Minor Leagues, the average time of a nine-inning game was reduced by 25 minutes, from 3:03 to 2:38. Furthermore, the stolen base success rate increased by 10% in the 2022 season, with stolen base attempts rising from 2.23 to 2.81 per game.


Restriction for position players


To limit the usage of position players as pitchers, they may only take the mound in specific scenarios. These scenarios include if the game goes into extra innings, if their team is losing by at least eight runs at any point, or if their team is winning by at least 10 runs in the ninth inning.


In the previous season, position players were only permitted to pitch in extra innings or if their team was losing or winning by at least six runs. This rule change was implemented due to the record-breaking 132 pitching appearances by position players, surpassing the previous high of 90 in 2021.


With those ground rules we are expecting to see a very fierce season, with all the players working hard in the past year, so they can all fight to the top in the 2023 season. The new rules might make on one side the game itself a bit more challenging, but at the same time, the rules are also in the players favor. We can speculate all we want but we will see how the game turn out once we sit in front of the TV or maybe in one of the empty seats in the stadium and see it with our own eyes.