Over recent years, gambling in Canada has grown in popularity thanks to the more relaxed gambling laws and attitudes in the country. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of Canada’s online gambling market.


We’ll start by discussing the country’s gambling laws, then the increase of online casino providers and finally the performance of the online gambling market more generally.


The gambling laws in Canada


Luckily for players, gambling laws in Canada are more relaxed than in its neighboring country, the United States of America.


Most forms of gambling have been legal since the 1970s. Online gambling is also legal and is players’ favorite form of gaming nowadays.


Land-based gambling activities in Canada are usually supervised by the territory or province in which those activities take place.


This has been in place since 1985 when the government decided to give more authority and freedom to Canadian territories and provinces. This gave these different parts of the country the right to supervise their local gambling activities.


Gambling in Canada: a popular form of entertainment


Gambling is extremely popular in the country. Canadians are some of the world’s biggest online gaming spenders.


They spend a considerable amount of their income on gambling activities, so much so that they are now in the top ten online gambling spenders’ rankings.


As for the Canadian city with the most gambling players, it seems to be Ontario. A 2011 study found that 82.9% of adults residing in Ontario gamble at least once a year.


Online gambling is definitely helping boost the popularity of gaming and gambling. A more recent study found that there are more than 19.3 million active online gamblers in Canada.


Many land-based casinos have now shifted to the virtual world to attract more customers. Some casinos offer a mix of both in-person and virtual gambling activities and games to bring in different types of gamers.


Interestingly enough, online gambling is also contributing to the economy of land-based casinos.


Some gamers discover casino gaming on the internet and then choose to visit land-based casinos to experience a live, in-person gaming experience.


Both experiences are not mutually exclusive but actually complement each other very well.


That being said, online gaming is more popular these days than in-person gaming at a land-based casino. More and more online casinos are opening as a result of their increased popularity.


This means that a large number of individuals, companies and larger corporations are looking to create their own online casino.


By April 2022, the Canadian online gambling industry had already managed to bring in $1.2 billion US dollars in revenue. Who knows what new record they will break this year.


All we know is that the industry’s revenue is only increasing. Year after year, the industry attracts more gamers.


But why is online gambling so popular?


Here are a few reasons behind the success of online casinos:


Online casinos are very accessible


These virtual venues are really easy to access unlike some land-based venues. Customers don’t have to travel to and from a gambling venue anymore.


Within a few seconds, gamers can now visit a virtual venue and start playing their favorite game without wasting any time. Online gaming is very quick, time-efficient, and easy.


Casino gamers can start looking for an online site by using the services of a company that reviews operators. They can compare welcome offers, bonuses, and promotions that each venue proposes to its new clients.


They are as good as the real thing


Online casinos are as good as land-based venues. Thanks to considerable technological improvements, virtual casino games now offer immersive features to make players feel like they’re at a real casino.


Games now have stunning graphic design, sound design and captivating storylines. Players who like the social aspect of gaming can use an online casino’s live chat option to meet other players.


Many online casinos also offer live casino games with live dealers and players. Those who want to play with their friends can also do so by inviting them to the virtual casino.


There are many casino providers with a large selection of games


Land-based casinos can sometimes offer a limited selection of games. Online casinos tend to have a larger gaming selection.


If a gamer is unsatisfied with the gaming selection of one casino, or gets bored of it, they can easily visit another virtual venue and try other games.


Some casino providers also specialize in some casino games and offer rare and unique variations of these games. For example, there are online casinos specializing in slot games or poker games.


Final thoughts


Relaxed gambling laws in Canada is one of the reasons why gambling is so popular in the country. Studies and reports show that gambling, particularly online gambling, is on the rise and is contributing hugely to the country’s economy.


In this article, we explored some of the reasons behind the popularity of online gambling and how this market has grown over the last few years. Experts predict that this industry will continue to grow and expand in the coming years.