After reading Express VPN’s 2022 summary, you are surely going to have an idea of the most viewed shows on Netflix. But here’s our two cents on what we think is worth watching from the list. First, we need a way of distinguishing between these great shows – viewership! Let’s start unveiling shows that had the highest viewership in 2022!


What can be more exciting than watching Netflix’s shows that had the highest viewership? If you were not aware of them before, it’s time to update your knowledge on the same. Check this list of highly entertaining shows!

Netflix never fails to add exceptional shows and it has done the same in 2022. Let’s check out its 2022 catalog to make your primetime highly entertaining.


#1 Squid Games

If you are up for watching a survival show, Squid Games is a perfect pick.


The show narrates the experience of hundreds of cash-strapped contestants who accept an invitation. As a result, they are supposed to compete in a children’s game to claim a tempting prize. But do you think it’s going to be easy for them? Of course not, the stakes are deadly!


#2 Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna ranks on top when it comes to American drama series.


In the show, there is a journalist who sets out on a journey to investigate the case of Anna Devley. Anna is an Instagram-legendary heiress who has stolen many hearts and money until now. Watch the show and know more about his smart girl!


#3 All Of Us Are Dead

Are you ready for a coming-of-age zombie apocalypse horror? All Of Us Are Dead is perfect for testing your courage!


The show centers on many trapped students who must have escaped from their high school. Unfortunately, things go wrong and the school turns into ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak. How are students going to survive? Watch and know!


#4 The Witcher

With The Witcher, you are surely going to step into a supernatural world. So, be prepared for it!


The plot of the show centers around a mutated monster hunter named Geralt. He aims to find a place in the world where people are more wicked than beats. And for this, he is ready to risk many lives. Will he be able to find such a place? Watch the show to know about it!


#5 Ginny & Georgia

It’s time to forget all your worries because Ginny & Georgia is going to make you laugh out loud. It’s a perfect example of comedy!


The show revolves around a teenage girl named Ginny who lives with her loving family. But the family needs to relocate to New England and must adapt to the new lifestyle. Their comic experiences are a must-watch for comedy lovers.


Final Words

When so many entertaining shows are streaming on Netflix, what are you waiting for? Get your subscription ready to stream these shows with your loved ones. Make the best use of your primetime!