Skin Gambling is exactly what its name suggests; it’s gambling with virtual goods that have real-world value. This type of gambling is gaining popularity among gamers because it offers a unique betting experience. Gamers can bet against each other in a variety of games such as Fortnite, FIFA 19, CSGO, PUBG, etc.

Essentially, it’s Esports betting, but with some extra steps. In most cases, it’s not recommended that you use skin gambling as a way to make money. You’re essentially placing bets on your favourite players, teams, or even esports organizations.


What is Skin Gambling?

Skin gambling is a form of gambling where players use virtual items to bet on eSports matches. In some cases, the items are traded on Steam Marketplaces like the Steam Community Market (SCM). There are several reasons why people choose to gamble with skins rather than real money. Unlike standard casinos like

Some gamers prefer to keep their identity anonymous while others want to prove themselves among their peers. Some just enjoy the thrill of winning something without having to pay anything. Others simply love the idea of getting free stuff.

In fact, there are many different ways to skin a cat. But what makes skin gambling unique is that it doesn’t involve real money. Gamers trade virtual items for cash, which is usually used to purchase additional digital assets.

The popularity of skin gambling is growing rapidly. One survey found that 70% of respondents preferred skin gambling over real money gambling because they felt safer. Another study revealed that skin gambling had become one of the most popular types of gambling amongst millennials.

Is skin gambling legal?

Skin betting is illegal unless the gaming platform holding the license holds one. In the case of Steam, it is licensed in the Isle of Man. This means that people located outside of the United Kingdom are not able to access the site offering skin betting.

However, there are some exceptions. If you are accessing Steam from within the UK, you can bet on games that are hosted on Steam servers. You can also bet on games hosted on the Steam network.

If you are accessing Steam from another region, you cannot bet on games hosted on Steam servers. But you can bet on games hosted on other networks, such as

The worst hit by the skin betting fiasco was Valve, which initially made skins for trading and the market. They found themselves dealing with lawsuits from governments over their unlicensed skin gambling activities.

Valve eventually banned all forms of skin gambling, including the sale of skins.