History was made in April 2022 as Ontario opened its own regulated online gambling market. This is no doubt long overdue. Ontario is one of the provinces in Canada with an active population of online games lovers. One out of every twenty Canadians living in Ontario has played online casino games once in their lifetime. However, a lot of players patronize offshore casinos to indulge in such a pastime. So, it’s great that the government has finally made online gambling easily accessible for Ontarians.


This development will see many online casinos in Ontario, Canada come into the public scene to offer quality online casino services. This move will further create healthy competition and inspire competitive offers among many Ontario online casino brands in a bid to attract players.


That said, it’s germane at this time for you as a player to learn how best to choose where to play. In this article, you will be learning proven expert online casino tips that have helped millions of players decide which online casino in Ontario is a good fit for them.


Without further ado, let’s jump right into business.


Simple but effective tips to choose Ontario Online casinos

●     Play only at licensed casinos

This couldn’t be any more stressed. The internet age has made information accessible and open to everyone. So, it’s very easy to fish out illegal or unlicensed online casinos. Even better, now that the Ontario province is licensing new and existing online casinos, all you have to do is look out for the AGCO or IGO badge. The AGCO stands for Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario while IGO means iGaming Ontario.

For several reasons, it’s advisable to only play at licensed casinos. One, your security is guaranteed. Secondly, you wouldn’t have to worry about fair games and legit RTPs.

●     Variety of games

What kind of games do you like? Does the casino have them? It’s not every player that enjoys playing slot games. Neither does everyone loves table games. Progressive jackpots are a great way to land great winnings. So, look through the casino’s lobby to see what type of games they are offering. Do this before you register at any online casino. Furthermore, another thing you should note is free demo games. Free play games can help your test your skills and improve at a particular game.

●     Casino bonuses and offers

Casino bonuses and offers can help you start your online gambling journey on a great note. What is the welcome offer at the casino? Beyond this, read about the type of promotions the casinos .un. Is there a loyalty program in place? All of these incentives help you remain motivated to play.

●     Look out for Canadian banking options

It’s always good to play at a casino that offers banking services that are specifically for the Canadian market. Both deposits and withdrawals are typical activities that you will engage in now and then. So, it’s wise to use banking services that are domiciled in your region. That way, it’s much easier and safer to make transactions. Examples of such services are Interac online, Canadian bank transfers, and others.

●     Verify the casino’s RTPs and general reputation

As much as online gambling is for entertainment purposes, winnings are equally important. So, when you decide to play anywhere, confirm if they pay what they promise. This shouldn’t be hard to find. You can read about the game’s RTPs on the casino website. By extension, you should consider reading reviews from trusted sources.

●     Check for an active and prompt customer support

Now and then, you will have issues that would require the help of the casino’s customer support. How can you test if customer support is active? First, check for the various support channels. Try them out, and send random messages to see how fast they respond.

●     Find out the casino’s plans for Responsible Gaming

You need to understand that gambling isn’t always a healthy activity. There are times when gambling can be addictive and start becoming a source of worry. At times like this, you will have to work with the casino’s responsible gaming structures to help you manage such times. So, look for responsible gaming plans and tools available at the casino. Is there a deposit limit? Are there plans for self-exclusion? Time limit tool? Are there information and links to websites that help gamblers who are having trouble? Tick these boxes as you research the casino.



There you have it! Those tips will help you make a very good selection of which online casino is perfect for you. Good luck to you as you play and win.

These online casino tips have been shared by Kevin N. Cochran in his talks and writings. Kevin is an expert online casino reviewer. He has vast experience in how the online casino industry operates.