No one else is anymore but we’re still physical media devotees round these parts. In that spirit, we’re sharing the details of a few of the most exciting new home entertainment releases for collectors who are still into that kind of thing.

Review copies were provided by Warners Brothers and Universal. All thoughts are our own.


Updated: Aug 16, 2022. 


And Just Like That… : The Complete First Season (DVD)

Sex and the City superfans can’t not buy this release, the first season of what’s technically a new show with old characters, not a continuation of the original. The terribly titled new show isn’t very good but this franchise was never so much good as it was iconic so, if this is your thing, let it continue to be your thing. At just $30, this new DVD isn’t too big of an investment for anyone who already owns the rest of the series.


The Bad Guys: Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray/DVD/Digital)

This 2022 kids flick is a rare Home Entertainment release where the DVD is actually kind of worth it even though I didn’t love the movie itself. The film is a weird Ocean’s 11 knockoff that doesn’t have enough to say about how society creates its own bad guys but the special features on the DVD are crazy cool, including a guide to storyboarding and how to draw the characters! There’s also an original short and a feature commentary which is, as we all know, the best kind of special feature.


Batwoman: The Third and Final Season (Blu-ray/Digital)

In the final season of this so-so DC Universe series, my favourite character Alice becomes an unofficial part of the good guy team. Like Spike in late-seasons Buffy, she livens up proceedings but it’s still a pretty dreary series. Special features are nothing to write home about in this set so it’s really only worth it for superfans or collectors.


The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet: The Complete Season One & Season Two

If you’re a TV history nerd or a collector, the new remastered DVDs of this classic sitcom are a must-buy. The longest running live action comedy in television history (technically Always Sunny has been on longer but they’ve produced barely a third of the number of episodes), each season of Ozzie & Harriet Nelson’s real-life-based adventures features a whopping 39 episodes. At merely $30 a pop for a season on DVD, that’s a steal, which is something I almost never find myself saying in these roundups.


Marry Me: Blu-Ray + DVD+ Digital Code

May 10th brought the home entertainment release of JLO & Owen Wilson’s modern throwback rom-com about a star who marries a regular schmoe as a stunt. A generous slew of special features (including a Jen-specific b-roll featurette and a director/producer feature commentary) makes this home release even more of a throwback (who doesn’t remember watching the deleted scenes from The Wedding Planner). If your favourite movie memories are all from the early 2000s, Marry Me is for you.


Succession: The Complete Third Season on DVD

On May 17th the long-awaited third season of this massive HBO hit finally dropped. Living my no-HBO life, I’ve been waiting for the DVD so I was thrilled to see this one arrive. The third season is maybe the show’s sharpest yet so while the special features are slim pickings, $30 Canadian for the full season (9 episodes) is a must-spend for any TV watcher. I’m not even in the Succession cult and I admit you gotta watch it.


The Handmaid’s Tale: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD

This one you do not have to watch and you definitely don’t have to buy it. The DVD came out on April 5th but I’ve been irresponsibly putting off writing about it because this show should have died after season one. Without Margaret Atwood’s original story to hold up the brutal writing, this series has quickly become a waste of its sensational cast. One single special feature makes it onto this DVD and beware of its use of the word “superfans”.