Movies are a great motivator. They are the reflection of one life. There are a lot of movies that inspired many great businessmen of the bygone era. They go on to inspire even the new entrepreneurs, whose brain is full of worms of innovative movement and tickling to start something new! 


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Top 5 Movies Motivation For Starting A Business

There are some movies that are highly motivating to say the least. These movies motivate you to start making movies. So let’s discuss five of the movies that are highly motivating to say the least.


1. Joy 

There is a realistic touch to the movie, and this turns out to be the greatest asset. People love to watch stories that are worth believing. 


The plot maneuvers through the alley of rugged reality where Joy Manango threaded bravely. The story aptly showcases the struggles and hardships of the person. In the movie, Joy overcomes all the hardships of his life to emerge victorious. He went on to patent more than 100 inventions and made millions as a successful seller. 


One more USP of the movie is the struggle of women to become successful businesswomen. This is quite relatable even in the USA perspective, where women are provided with maximum freedom. Unquestionably a great movie.


2. The Social Network

The story is about Facebook, and the entire movie revolves around Mark Zukerberg. The film shows a near-real story where Mark and his friend Eduardo Saverin partnered on site. But some negative events took the entire partnership to the pedestal of law. 


The litigation was on Facebook. Ultimately it ended with Eduardo Saerin’s name completely removed from the company masthead. 


You can be in love with Facebook; you can be a hater of Facebook, but you cannot fully reject Mark’s qualities that made him the youngest self-made billionaire. The movie has everything to inspire you.


3. Margin Call 

The film has the ingredients to keep you engaged till full time. Gifted with quite a bold plot, the actors of the film, with their mastery, went on to create some live moments. That’s what connects you and me…you know, no flash scenes but rugged reality. Believe us; you want to face reality. 


If your heart bubbles with some inspiration, definitely this is a must-watch movie, to say the least. Set during the 2008 great recession, the movie displayed how hard work and perseverance can mitigate some circumstantial efficiency that might be hidden. 


Well, in the real world, too, you get to face a harsh situation where you are to fight with grit and perseverance. The margin call, as the name suggests, aptly portrays some situations that drag you towards the margin of defeat, but you emerge strong to defy fate. 


4. Glengarry Glen Ross 

The movie examines the relationships and disagreements happening behind the scenes in New York. The movie act to put in light the serious consequences that emerge when a sales plan fails miserably. 


The movie aptly puts forth the different shades of characters and how they reacted to some economic exigency. This actually put out the essential human capacity to emerge from the depth of some problems victorious. This one is a purely business movie that you must watch.


5. Boiler Room

This is another movie where it is portrayed that you can achieve everything that you want to. You succumb to some moral responsibilities (you can not ignore them). The movie also showcases the human quality of ignoring some negative events and jostling against the odds. 


You, we and every one of us jostle every day against our odds. After the entire journey, you will surely return with a soul full of motivation to start from scratch.



Movies are a reflection of the real world. We all are motivated by movies. There are great movies that instill in us the motivating tonic. We all need that tonic of life to emerge from some setbacks. Business, after all, is a part of life where volatility is the greatest constant.